#NCBSHOW2014 Kicks Off in Las Vegas

The Nightclub & Bar Tradeshow & Convention kicks off this week in Las Vegas. 2014 marks the best conference program in the show's 28-year history, offering 70+ educational classes taught by today's industry-heavy hitters. Nightclub & Bar … [Read More...]

Young adults

Marketing To Millenials on Social Media

The baby boomers have ruled the roost for decades. Armed with tidy pensions, financial security, and sheer power in numbers, this generation's custom has been coveted by businesses in every sector--including the hospitality industry. Generation X, … [Read More...]

social media addict

Turning Social Media Into A Career

Do you log onto your Facebook account first thing in the morning--before you've even wiped the crust from your eyes? Have you nearly stepped out into traffic because you couldn't pull your eyes away from your Twitter feed? Well, my friend. It … [Read More...]

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Sifting Through Social Media Signals

Thanks to Big Data and the new technologies designed to make sense of it all, the hospitality industry can extract valuable bytes of information.

Fight Hunger with Hunger

MOGL: Real-Time Restaurant Rewards Program

Mogl, the leading restaurant rewards program with a mission to end hunger, recently announced that it is the first in its category with direct access to real-time data from Visa, MasterCard and American Express transactions.