How Airlines Use Twitter [Infographic]

More and more businesses are recognizing the value of Twitter for customer service. Businesses are able to publicly address issues, and remedy customer complaints out-in-the open.

Travel is often innately stressful, and adding flying to the mix has the potential to make it more so.

With that in mind, many airlines are now on Twitter and have pretty substantial followings. Travel 2.0 put together an infographic that provides great insight regarding how airlines are using the service.

Does any of the information surprise you?

Airlines on Twitter

Debbie Miller
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Debbie Miller
  • I guess it’s not really surprising that United gets more negative than positive tweets! Consider how they responded to musician Dave Carroll and the incident that prompted his viral video “United Breaks Guitars” — silence!

  • Alison Stripling

    The range of tweets per day from a few airlines is interesting. Some 64x and some 2x? The high number is surprising. But yes, the value is there.

  • I’m surprised Delta tweets the most…I would think more “hipper” companies like Jet Blue, Virgin, etc. would tweet more than an older company like Delta.