Social Media Monopoly

I’ve joked for a long time that Monopoly, a game famous for creating different versions for specific topics (I’m a proud owner of Beatles Monopoly, myself), should make a social media version, so was extremely excited to discover this on Pinterest.

Social Media Monopoly

While I assume this is someone’s (nicely done) Photoshop rendition and not an actual in-the-works project (as we’d probably have heard more about it, if so), it says a lot about how the networks and news platforms are valued.

It’s also already slightly outdated, with noteable Google+ and Pinterest absences.

A couple things that caught my attention were MySpace representing the jail space (which provided a good laugh), though one I’d disagree with is LinkedIn occupying the Mediterranean Avenue space (next to GO), deeming it the lowest-worth, where it probably deserves placement at least half-way around the board.

What do you think about the way everything is valued in this game? Accurate? What would you have done different?

Debbie Miller
Debbie is the Founder and President of Social Hospitality where she assists clients with social media and content marketing. She is also the Digital Communications Manager for HyperDisk Marketing. When she's not online, Debbie enjoys spending time with her spoiled dog children; watching movies; reading; and drinking copious amounts of coffee and wine.
Debbie Miller
  • Andrew Kardon

    That is pretty darn awesome. I agree with you that LinkedIn is way more valuable. I’d also thing blogs (WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr) should be way higher. Even more than the FourSquare and Flickr groups. 

    Besides G+ and Pinterest, some noticeable missing ones are apps like Words With Friends and Draw Something.

    I’d love to see some of the “cards” too, which would have to include various “Twitter Jails,” “Google Penalties” and the inevitable, “Your friend just invited you to play Farmville. Earn 50 Facebook credits!”

  • 2morrowknight

    Awesome sauce!

  • Cristiancontini

    this is OLD ( 2010) where is Pinterest in this map? and G+? and iPad? and Instagram? and Storify?