How to Create Custom Experiences for 8 Types of Travelers


The modern traveler has different needs from the traveler of the past.

Travelers today are mobile-dependent and they expect on-demand, immediate service.

Most importantly, they expect a high level of personalization both during their experience at your property as well as in your communications with them before and after.

Things have changed for hoteliers as well. With OTAs consolidating and the sharing economy creeping in, profit margins are shrinking, making it necessary for hoteliers to get creative when optimizing revenue streams.


How Online Reviews Have Changed the Hotel Industry [Infographic]


The popularity and reach of online review platforms has grown rapidly.

Hotels need to ensure they have a flawless online reputation.

  • 85% of travellers read up to 10 reviews

  • 78 of travellers claim  reviews help them feel more confident in their decisions

  • 50% of travellers do not book a room until they’ve read peer reviews online

The way in which hotels respond to the reviews is vital.

Whether the review is positive or negative, hotels need to respond appropriately and quickly as 68% say they would choose a hotel with management responses over a competitor without.