How to Keep Negative Reviews from Becoming a PR Nightmare

grunge-style illustration of a red pencil used to fill a customer satisfaction form, with notches on checkboxes with smileys, referring to concepts such as customer satisfaction survey and evaluations

Despite your best efforts to please all of the people all of the time, instances arise where that isn’t the case.

These can prompt the posting of a long, nasty and perhaps even unfair online review. It may well-written, it’s on a prominent social site and you’re 99% sure it’s going to influence would-be customers.

How do you deal with this kind of blow to your reputation?

Well, the first thing to remember businesses are run by people. Even with as much as experience as you may have, you’re only human.


Your Guide to the Business of Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is around the corner, creeping up on both consumers and brands alike.

And even though, year after year, the majority of presents are bought super last minute, consumer spending on Mom is off the charts!

And why shouldn’t it be? The wonderful women in our lives are worth everything that we can throw at them (assuming it’s good) on their special day.

To explore this further, the team at The Shelf created this rundown of all things Mother’s Day.

Mom’s are getting more and more monetary love each year.

Spending has reached an all-time high at $21.2B in the United States. — Fundivo