Social Superheroes Present: Event Marketing


Event planning is evolving constantly thanks to the the emergence of new media opportunities.

Event technology and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are making the planning process and possibilities more robust.

The importance of social media for event marketing is crucial and there are numerous ways to optimize social media for events.

The team at Maximillion created this superhero-themed infographic to demonstrate the vitality of social media for the event planning process.

How to Generate Brand Interest Through Social Media Contests

Enter to Win concept with workstation on a wooden desk

While a customer’s need for certain products will certainly get them in the door, it’s the contests and giveaways that create major buzz for your business.

But make sure that buzz is positive and worth the energy when planning your next social media contest.

Here are some tips and tricks, and dos and don’ts, for making your contest simple, cool, engaging, and worthwhile for both you and your audience.

Give It a Home

The first thing you need to decide is where it will live. Your blog? A social media site?