Four Seasons Launches Global Energy Wellness Offerings and Social Campaign

Four Seasons is launching Energy by Four Seasons and, in conjunction, the Four Seasons #30DaysofEnergy Challenge will launch on November 1, with a new "challenge" shared each day on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Crafting Social Media Careers In The Hospitality Industry

crafting a social media career

The social media addict is, perhaps, one of society’s most misunderstood members. Your boss has forbidden you from using Facebook at work, your friends have accused you of not having a life, and if you had a dime for every time your mother said “stop wasting your time on that laptop,” you could afford to get your own place.

The truth is that social media skills are in high demand and there are fabulous positions for people who are motivated to learn. So silence your critics and turn your supposed “waste of time” into a the job of your dreams job by pursuing social media careers in the hospitality sector.