It’s Back To Customer Service School

customer service school

Your guests are your most valuable asset–and the competition will do anything to steal them. In order to keep your treasured clientele loyal–and your rivals empty-handed–you need to ensure that you provide excellent customer service all the time, every time. This means equipping your team for victory. And possibly sending them to school.

School? Yes, school. Your team may not need to board a big yellow bus with knapsacks strapped to their backs, but it may be beneficial for them to engage in ongoing training in customer service. And, yes, this may involve taking classes.


How to Turn Guest Complaints Into Compliments

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The hotel industry is notorious for guest complaints. If you’ve ever worked retail, you know the saying “the customer is always right.” This applies to the hotel industry as well since the customer is buying a room for a night or more. How customer complaints are handled is often key to keeping that customer and gaining more.

I recently stayed at The Damai Resort in Orlando FL and overheard a very upset guest’s reaction to the pool being closed for routine clean up. While I was also looking forward to the pool that day, I understand that routine maintenance must happen. But what I was most impressed with was how the staff member handled this upset guest and seemed to turn his attitude around by the end of the conversation. It seemed that by simply listening to the guy and giving value to his concerns and offering fun Orlando alternatives, the guest left happy and content.


How the Storage Industry is Using Social Media

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When you hear the words “social hospitality,” the storage industry doesn’t necessarily come to mind.

The storage industry probably elicits memories of angry auction people on a television show, or the summers between your sophomore and junior year of college.

Nevertheless, it is a massive industry that is starting to realize the effectiveness of utilizing social media.

Now, how does something like the storage industry fall into something like social hospitality?

Let’s start with the word hospitality. When you need storage, all you are looking for is a secure place to store your things for an indefinite amount of time. Having a wonderful facility manager to guide you through your experience can definitely make a difference. At its core, the storage industry is very service based.