How to Launch a New Restaurant via Social Media

To launch a new restaurant, make use of social media platforms to reach a wider target audience and give customers frequent updates.

How to Use Staff Social Media Profiles to Promote Your Business

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Most businesses have profiles on top social media sites. Social media has become such a popular marketing tool that it would be more surprising to find a business that wasn’t on Facebook or Twitter, among others.

Though you’ll find most businesses on social media, you won’t often find the employees of those businesses with official social media profiles — unless it’s the CEO or another high-ranking official. Otherwise, employees are likely to have their own personal accounts and nothing more — and that’s a real missed opportunity. Here are a few ways that you can use official staff social media profiles to help promote your hotel, restaurant, or other business:


Providing Local LOVE Through Facebook

The Virginia Tourism Corporation is out to prove that love is at the heart of every Virginia vacation. In July, they unveiled oversized LOVE artwork at several Welcome Centers across the state. Then, the local tourism offices jumped into the fun with the Virginia Tourism "Bring LOVE to Your Town" event.

Have Some Pepsi Summer Fun

Pepsi had added QR codes to their regularly mass-distributed cups. This is great since it only requires the development of one QR code, yet the distribution is gargantuan in scale.