What Spiderman Can Teach Us About Mobile Marketing

AMC Theaters is holding a sweepstakes for The Amazing Spiderman encouraging users to explore their new mobile app to find an entry form. Rather than supplying a basic online form, or guiding people directly to the appropriate page on the mobile site, they encourage people to explore it, thereby allowing people to learn more about the movie as well as experience the usability of the app itself.

ISSMM Holds Second Converge Cup

ISSMM is dedicated to the facilitation of ongoing education, best practices, and practical implementation of converging social, search and mobile marketing solutions, and related technologies, to enhance both marketer and buyer experience.

Lose Your Luggage? Not Anymore.

Delta Airlines has implemented a system for travelers to track their checked baggage via the airline carrier's iPhone app, allowing guests to monitor the whereabouts of their luggage at all times.