TalkHotels – A Network for Hospitality Professionals

TalkHotels is a new online community specifically for those working in the hotel space. It is completely free, and serves to allow hospitality professionals to find products and services, along with valuable reviews from their peers; interact with other hoteliers throughout the world; and take part in key industry conversations.

Talk Hotels - A Network for Hospitality Professionals

The tool was built on four basic principles:

  1. Save users time and money. To help you save time and money, TalkHotels provides the tools and information needed to make quick, informed decisions at your hotel. They offer free, unparalleled access to vendors, products, services, reviews, other hospitality professionals, plus knowledge and insight from your peers.
  2. Connect you to the industry. Whether you’re interested in getting advice from industry leaders, learning from experiences, or finding new ways to enhance your operations, it all starts with networking. TalkHotels helps you make new friends in the industry.
  3. Organize industry knowledge. The open, accessible platform allows you to easily share information, search for answers to common (and not so common) questions, and keep track of the latest industry happenings.
  4. Give Back. As they gather hospitality professionals from around the world, everyone can work together to make a difference by partnering with various causes and lending time and resources.

Though still in its infant phase, the network already has almost 1,000 members and recently added a “sign up with Facebook” feature to make signing up even more seamless.

They also have a free iPhone app available, and an Android one is in the works.

TalkHotels’ Founder, Anand Patel, is extremely active on the site, regularly updating blogposts and responding to peoples’ questions and comments. His passion for this project is extremely evident and inspirational to watch!

I personally signed up for TalkHotels last month and am really enjoying it! It lives up to its goals and I’m looking forward to watching it grow and evolve. Congrats, Anand!


Fierce Leadership Summit Debuting in LA

I love going to social media and business-related events, and always leave them with some new nuggets of ideas. I think the pursuit of knowledge is never fruitless, even if the topic is a familiar one. That said, it’s still exciting when one comes along that’s “different,” and that I know will evoke some deep thought afterward.

An upcoming event that caught my attention as being unique is the Fierce Leadership Summit. The inaugural single-day conference will take place Sunday, March 25, 2012 at the Davidson Conference Center at the University of Southern California (USC).

The event’s focus is on inspiring women to reach their full potential by tapping into the power of their unique talents and strengths through a series of prominent, influential female speakers.

Nailah Blades, USC graduate and certified life coach, created this event after noticing a lack of events designed to help young women recognize the innate power they already possess, to become more authentic leaders. Blades realized her own passion for teaching and speaking during her career as a sales and marketing analyst.

Two years ago, Blades started her coaching and consulting business, Polka Dot Coaching, to help young women develop strategies to follow their passions and make their dreams a reality.

Blades and eight key speakers from the Southern California area will share the secrets, successes and challenges that have lead them to achieve their goals. Each 40-minute speaker session will leave guests with a crystal-clear strategy and the motivation to confront their ambitions and make them a reality.

Speakers will cover how health and wellness, marketing, personal growth and finances are all important factors to becoming a fierce leader and reaching personal goals. They include:

  • Erin Haslag | Certified Wellness Coach and Founder, Well in LA
  • Danielle Dowling | Author, Relationship Expert and Women’s Life Coach
  • Jodi Womack | Founder, No More Nylons
  • Alaia Williams | Owner, One Organized Business
  • Danielle Leslie | Marketing Consultant, We Are Big Fish
  • Dyana Valentine | Speaker, Life Coach at
  • Samantha Bennett | Creator, The Organized Artist Company
  • Brittney Castro | Certified Financial Planner, Financially Wise Woman

Seminar tickets are $89. Notebooks, pens, water and light appetizers will be provided along with gift bags for the first 125 attendees. Sessions will be held from 9am-5pm, followed by a cocktail hour and networking.

Use promo code “LetsGetFierce” for $10 off! For more information, contact Heather Cereghino of the ACE Agency.

Seth Godin on Initiative

On Thursday, hundreds of people gathered in the beautiful Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall in Costa Mesa to hear Seth Godin speak. Organized by Bryan Elliott of LinkedOC, the event provided a unique opportunity to hear first-hand from a highly-respected individual in the marketing world.

As stated in Seth’s bio:
American Way Magazine calls him, “America’s Greatest Marketer,” and his blog is perhaps the most popular in the world written by a single individual. His latest book, Poke The Box, is a call to action about the initiative you’re taking – in your job or in your life, and Seth once again breaks the traditional publishing model by releasing it through The Domino Project.

The key take-away from Seth’s presentation was to take initiative. He opened with a photo of cafeteria ladies and made the point that cafeteria ladies, by virtue, were underappreciated and replaceable. We need to strive to not fall into such a lull. With current internet trends evolving more rapidly than ever before, we no longer have time to copy the guy before us, to merely blend in. He noted that many people don’t take leaps out of fear, when really, fear should be motivating – if you were to assume that the next thing you’re going to do is fail, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Many people don’t take risks because they’re afraid they will fail, but, as Seth stated, “you can’t flip a one-sided coin.” You have to have failure, you have to have fear, in order to reach success. Figure out how to make an art that matters, and, literally, GO.


Seth included a few lists of six factors that provided a backbone for his presentation:

The first was “Six Things that are Foundations of a Functioning Organization” –

  1. aware of what works
  2. educated
  3. connected
  4. consistent
  5. an asset (for example, Zappos – they are completely trusted)
  6. productive

The second list was “Six Things for a Successful Project” –

  1. an idea
  2. people to work on it
  3. a place to build and organize it
  4. raw materials
  5. distribution
  6. money

The third, “Six Things You Need that You Can Bring to the Capital” –

  1. financial
  2. network
  3. intellectual
  4. physical
  5. prestige
  6. instigation

What are some of the ways that hospitality venues can use the above points to take initiative in their marketing?