An evolving trend in businesses and organizations that contain several different components is a webpage specifically designated to all related social media accounts. This is a great idea in that not only does it broaden awareness with all the entities associated with a particular brand, but it allows those players to gain extra exposure online.

This is a perfect strategy for visitor bureaus, for example. Since they’re marketing an entire destination, there are various topics to outline, like hotels, restaurants and attractions, to name a few.

The Mesa Convention and Visitors Bureau has an awesome “Get Social” page where they list the Twitter accounts associated with the numerous facets of the city. At the top, they introduce their own links as well as why they’re investing in Twitter. They’ve then subsectioned the different aspects of a traveler’s experience so that a potential visitor can easily identify whatever specific information they may be looking for. Where to Stay, Transportation, Entertainment, Museums, Outdoor Activities, Attractions, Golf, Dining & Nightlife plus more are amongst the categories listed.

A great hotel example is Starwood Hawaii, who represents 11 hotels among the Hawaiian islands. They blatantly list each of their hotels and the corresponding Twitter and Facebook pages on their social media page.

On the city and county front, San Francisco has what they’ve deemed a “Social Media Center” where, similar to the Mesa CVB, they list city services and other government-related contact information.

As more and more hospitality players get on-board with social media, pages such as these will become incredibly mainstream.