Many travelers still depend on hotels themselves to tend to the intricacies of their vacations, and there’s a new service that’s taking  the vacation-planning process online in an authentic way.

The Live Concierge provides hotels with the chat functionality and necessary labor to interact with each prospective guest who visits a hotel’s website.
The “tech savvy traveler” reserves their accommodations online and will now try to manage as many of the details there as possible. This attractive service allows for such a traveler to ask any questions they have regarding the hotel (general information, availability, room rates and area information, etc.) to a live person rather than having to call and wait on hold. With allowing their perspective guests to chat with an agent live, it heightens the likelihood that they’ll book at the hotel.

It’s also beneficial for hotels because very few have the associates to dedicate to such a task, and The Live Concierge provides the labor involved to engage in conversation via state-of-the art chat technology.

Hotels that have taken advantage of The Live Concierge have recognized an increase in sales and pre-arrival guest satisfaction. Should a hotel opt to utilize this service, it provides a live chat online for guests.

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