Virgin America has teamed up with American Express for a new Facebook promotion. Through October 20, fans are invited to “elevate your seat” for a chance to win first-class seats and daily prizes. The two brands are celebrating the ability for consumers to now be able to transfer points from American Express’ Membership Rewards® program to Virgin America’s Elevate program.

Here’s how it works:

American Express Virgin America Elevate Your Seat

This is great in that it  incorporates many strategies regarding how to run a successful marketing campaign on Facebook:

  1. It’s easy to do. All you need is a chair!
  2. It’s something literally anyone can do; there’s no barrier to entry, attracting the widest possible array of entrants.
  3. It ties into the brand — the grand-prize winner will literally get an upgraded seat.
  4. It has “buzz worthy” uniqueness. It’s not often you can win something for simply sitting in a chair. Plus, it’s fun and silly enough that people will want to tell their friends about it, if not only for entertainment value. Furthermore, you’ll want to send your friends over to the page to vote for you once you’ve submitted your entry, thereby increasing Virgin and American Express’ fanbases, and subsequent audience for future offers.
  5. It stimulates creativity. Since chair-sitting is such a simple task, you’re forced to get creative in order to stand out, which further adds to the entertainment value.
  6. Daily drawings mean there are lots of opportunities to win something. If there was only one final winner, you may be deterred from taking the time to enter as the odds of actually getting something are slim. But when prizes are up for grabs each day, there’s much more incentive to take the time to put something together.
What other creative Facebook contests have you seen lately?