joeoptions vacation rental social networkFor those shopping for a vacation home, the process of choosing the best fit is more complex than seeking out a hotel. In 2010, the Vacation Rental Industry generated over $85 billion in revenue.

As a result, Joe Stradinger founded JoeOptions as a means of organizing the vacation rental industry around people. In fact, the company is a social marketing platform in itself.

With more and more people are gravitating to social sites like Facebook, Twitter and other emerging platforms, Joe sought to utilize these tools to make looking for vacation rentals much more enticing than driving users to a static page.

When looking at the vacation rental industry as a whole, most websites are built on a traditional listing model whereby a property owner buys traffic through a subscription fee or giving up a percentage of the rental revenue. Travelers search and dig among multiple property listings, at no charge, to find what he or she wants. In other words, the traveler ‘finds’ and the property owner ‘is found’, but there is no real connection between the two.

JoeOptions disrupts this traditional model by focusing on people and where they are online. By integrating social media, JoeOptions now allows travelers to not only find properties, but also allows the property owners to find travelers through easy one-click social media marketing tools.

As a result, the proprietary platform provides owners with leads that have an interest in their specific property or in similar properties.

Property owners then pay based on performance by purchasing only the leads they desire, very similar to how one buys a song or an app in the iTunes store. There is no charge for owners to permanently profile their properties on the site nor to use their social marketing tools. Basically, travelers use the site free of charge, and they can either directly contact the owner of a specific property, or “option” themselves to all property owners who meet their criteria.

Feel free to tour the JoeOptions website for more information, or visit them on Facebook and Twitter. If you have any specific questions, please contact Colorado Sales Manager Peter Halliwell.