Culture the Yogurt SocietyThe food truck culture has exploded over the past year, and most use social media to get the word out about upcoming events and locations. That said, only a few are really using social media to its full advantage.

One truck, however, that is doing a noticeably great job with customer relations, marketing and branding via social channels is Culture, a yogurt truck from Mikey Farah, the creator of Berry Chill, a former brick-and-mortar shop based in Chicago.

The truck, also based in Chicago, deems its tagline “the yogurt society,” a great, welcoming motto to attract hungry visitors.

Not only is Culture a tasty indulgence, it’s also good for you. They’ve eliminated the artificial chemicals and replaced them with live active cultures, which can increase your metabolism, help boost your immune response AND freshen your breath (smooch, anyone?)

Delicious fresh-cut, fruit toppings are also available, such as mangoes, strawberries and pineapples; and dry toppings including granola, mochi and popular cereals can be added as well. Their incredibly diverse menu caters to any taste, and the explicit “truck finder” portion of their website makes it easy for those craving sweets to locate their whereabouts.

Furthermore, they have a Tumblr page which also includes a variety of information, and is consistent in appearance with their branding, clearly displayed on their truck, website and other promotional materials. The blog includes news, challenges, photos and more. This is a great way to set a fun vibe around a product, and keep an engaged audience.

Culture frozen yogurt truckIf you visit Culture’s Twitter and Facebook pages, it’s easy to note that they’re not only promoting their locations as many trucks do, but actually responding to and engaging with fans. Their custom Twitter background also includes more information about the truck’s mission along with general health information about their yogurt.

Culture sets an awesome example of how food trucks can really take their social media to the next level.