TalkHotels is a new online community specifically for those working in the hotel space. It is completely free, and serves to allow hospitality professionals to find products and services, along with valuable reviews from their peers; interact with other hoteliers throughout the world; and take part in key industry conversations.

Talk Hotels - A Network for Hospitality Professionals

The tool was built on four basic principles:

  1. Save users time and money. To help you save time and money, TalkHotels provides the tools and information needed to make quick, informed decisions at your hotel. They offer free, unparalleled access to vendors, products, services, reviews, other hospitality professionals, plus knowledge and insight from your peers.
  2. Connect you to the industry. Whether you’re interested in getting advice from industry leaders, learning from experiences, or finding new ways to enhance your operations, it all starts with networking. TalkHotels helps you make new friends in the industry.
  3. Organize industry knowledge. The open, accessible platform allows you to easily share information, search for answers to common (and not so common) questions, and keep track of the latest industry happenings.
  4. Give Back. As they gather hospitality professionals from around the world, everyone can work together to make a difference by partnering with various causes and lending time and resources.

Though still in its infant phase, the network already has almost 1,000 members and recently added a “sign up with Facebook” feature to make signing up even more seamless.

They also have a free iPhone app available, and an Android one is in the works.

TalkHotels’ Founder, Anand Patel, is extremely active on the site, regularly updating blogposts and responding to peoples’ questions and comments. His passion for this project is extremely evident and inspirational to watch!

I personally signed up for TalkHotels last month and am really enjoying it! It lives up to its goals and I’m looking forward to watching it grow and evolve. Congrats, Anand!


Debbie Miller
Debbie is the Founder and President of Social Hospitality where she assists clients with social media and content marketing. When she's not online, Debbie enjoys spending time with her spoiled dogs; watching movies; reading; and drinking copious amounts of coffee.
Debbie Miller