As mobile marketing becomes increasingly fruitful, it’s important for businesses to stay on top of trends and make sure the mobile-savvy customer is able to access any information they may need in a fast, clear and concise manner.

Last week, Glyder debuted their iPhone application that gives small businesses everything they need to reach their customers. Designed from the ground up for very small businesses, Glyder enables business owners to communicate with their customers anytime and anywhere, on any social platform, in 5 minutes or less.

Glyder provides:

  • Message Templates & Images: Glyder templates provide best practices for customer communication and remove the friction for starting messages.
  • Professional Design: Glyder visual styles make great design accessible to any business owner. 14 color and layout variations are included free.
  • Automated Rendering & Distribution: The Glyder rendering platform formats and distributes the message to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Email, Text Message, MailChimp and Passbook in one easy step. Additional platforms coming soon!

Prior to starting Glyder, co-founders Alan Wells (formerly of Zynga) and Glenn Allen (Co-founder of OpenTable) provided design and marketing services to small businesses. The majority of these businesses couldn’t afford the professional design or marketing services they offered, and for those that could, the time required to interact with a design or marketing professional was a barrier.

Wells and Allen also found that independent businesses owners need to do things on their own schedule and don’t want to rely on someone else. Most business owners recognize that social networks and media are important, but they don’t know where to start. After meeting hundreds of business owners and seeing the same issues over and over again, it became clear that small businesses need a better way to connect and communicate with their customers – that’s why they built Glyder.

Why “Glyder?” Allen explains that when they first started making what would later be called Glyders, they noticed they really looked a lot like a traditional Flyer. But Flyers are old and boring, while Glyders were so smooth, easy to put together and send. So, instead of Flying which uses a lot of energy, gas, etc., they were Gliding. Hence, the digital form of a Flyer easily became Glyder.

Glyder has several features that sets it apart from any existing tool. First, it’s mobile. You can do it all from your iPhone or iPad. It’s also useful content creation. Templates are available based content approach, and the number of template options available will continue to expand. Furthermore, Glyder offers more distribution platforms than any other app, and they’re positioned to add more constantly and be the single source to create and send your message from your iPhone to ANY platform you use.

Restaurant benefit from the app as it allows them to speed up everything they are doing with marketing and social media. Because the app is so smooth, businesses using Glyder will likely use the app often, and be able to engage customers at a deeper level.

In addition, some restaurants might find benefits in allowing their staff to participate in their marketing efforts, and Glyder allows them to do that and give the personal touch right in the moment of a meaningful customer exchange.

What features of Glyder sound most appealing?