One of the most understated dining experiences I genuinely enjoy is eating at Il Fornaio. Not only are their restaurants extremely classy, the food is fantastic and reasonably priced. In fact, their happy hour is excellent, better than most.

Il Fornaio is committed to providing the most authentic Italian experience, outside of Italy, in a friendly and professional atmosphere.  They create a new regional menu every month, also import new ingredients and wines regularly.

The restaurant makes sure the staff remains educated on the current food and drinks offerings, and they do the same with guests by offering cooking classes on regional food that is only found in specific areas in Italy; it is literally a restaurant school.

Rather than maintain a static social media presence, their Facebook page has over 10,000 fans, and by clicking the “artisan cocktail club” link, Facebook fans can access a coupon for a $3 cocktail. The cocktail options rotate each month, allowing diners to get an exclusive peek to a different beverage on an ongoing basis. This is a great way to bring people back into the restaurant, and be able to try something new each time.

Their stunning, personalized images also stand out and are very enticing, whether they’re photos of food, beverages, venues, or even simply cookbooks.

Their restaurant blog also showcases a variety of the brand’s events; menus; recipes and more. It also features an event calendar, allowing guests to monitor upcoming happenings in their community, and menus are also posted regularly as well.

Which menu item are you most looking forward to trying?