2012 showed a shift across industries concerning personalization, and the hotel industry was no exception.

XL Team, a software and development company, saw a great opportunity in this trend and decided to build a tool that will help hotels to ensure a personalized stay for their guests using information that is already there via social media channels like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Let’s use Alex as an example. He is a young entrepreneur and travels a lot, staying at different hotels in different cities around the world. A great hotel stay for him means he can sleep on a hard pillow, and has a minibar filled up with Perrier sparkling water. He takes his espresso every morning with a half spoon of sugar.

 Social Media Personalization

However, most hotels have an average service level, and never reach Alex’s full expectations. How come? Well, it is because they don’t know Alex or his preferences, and is also because he is always a new guest to the hotels at which he stays.

This is where mysnooze comes in. mysnooze is a web application that helps travelers share their preferences with hotels they plan to visit. Alex can use mysnooze wherever he stays, in any hotel all over the world, and he can create a personalized stay, before he checks-in.

 mysnooze, personalize your hotel stay

Using a simple multiple-choice questionnaire, mysnooze gathers the most important information from a soon-to-come guest, and presents it in a simple dashboard ready for the hotel to start working on personalizing the guest’s stay. The account is directly connected to Facebook and LinkedIn, and imports relevant information such as likes, interests, profession and more.

 mysnooze hotel personalization

Currently, 11 hotels  have embraced this tool to personalize their guests’ stay, and differentiate themselves by offering more personalized services. More than 4,000 travelers have signed up for a mysnooze profile, and opted-in to have their social profile information shared with hotels they may visit. Moreover, 15% percent of them use social media to share their travel experience, and many  use TripAdvisor to review their stay.

 mysnooze hotel map

We feel that it is time that hotel guests have a stronger influence on their stays, and receive more then average services, in which-ever hotel around the world they would stay at.

This post was contributed by Andra Barchi. Andra is an online marketing specialist at XL TEAM. She is addicted to social media and strongly believes in the power of it to change decisions, impressions and lifestyles.