Google+, the Google-owned and operated social network, has received mixed reviews since launching on June 28, 2011. Some have embraced it, while others have been more skeptical.

Although similar to a company Facebook page, Google+ pages offer some unique features not available on Facebook. Google authorship, integration of various Google products, and additional opportunities like Google Hangouts make this platform truly unique.

This infographic from DPFOC highlights Google+’s evolution over the past 3 years.

DPFOC IG Google Plus

Do you use Google+? What do you think of its role as a “social network” as opposed to a platform driving the unification of Google products?


Debbie Miller
Debbie is the Founder and President of Social Hospitality where she assists clients with social media and content marketing. When she's not online, Debbie enjoys spending time with her spoiled dogs; watching movies; reading; and drinking copious amounts of coffee.
Debbie Miller