Whether you are just getting started using social media for your brand or are well versed in the space, it can be hard to determine which steps will lead to measurable results, and everyone will make mistakes.

Especially in a space like social media marketing, a “one size fits all” approach is all but non-existent.

We’ve all made mistakes with our personal social media platforms—linking to something that’s not true, making a comment that perhaps offended someone.

But the stakes are much bigger and much more costly when you make a business-focused mistake on social media.

For example, if you promote yourself too much and in a way that’s much too self-aggrandizing, you risk turning off some of your followers.

It’s best to find an industry-recommended balance—say 80/20—that to dive in to everything about your brand all the time.

You must also find a way to respond to any negativity in a way that’s sensitive yet responsive to tamping down ill will.

This graphic from Quill can help with key tips and 12 key social media mistakes to avoid:

  1. Not setting clear objectives
  2. Buying followers
  3. Posting overly promotional content
  4. Posting irrelevant content for engagement
  5. Not researching hashtags or trending topics
  6. Not using visual content
  7. Leaving social profiles incomplete
  8. Lacking a strategy or content plan
  9. Not responding to comments/complaints
  10. Not knowing the rules of specific networks
  11. Not analyzing anything
  12. Using too many or too few hashtags