Is TikTok Here to Stay? 3 Reasons to Explore TikTok Marketing

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TikTok is currently one of the most popular apps among both content creators and marketers alike. Here are three ways to leverage TikTok marketing to garner an increase in digital engagement and stay on top of current trends.

Our new age of technology leads to the coming and going of apps and trends. Only a few apps stick around for the long run: for example, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Tinder, and others.

Remember the Vine app? Vine initially made a massive splash in the world of social media. Numerous “viners” even became celebrities across Twitter, YouTube, and elsewhere. People loved the short-films—which could last up to six seconds—that provided new constraints for creating comedic videos. While Vine, unfortunately, left us a few years ago, it seems its replacement has truly arrived.

Although the app has been around for a few years now, TikTok’s growth has been on the rise the past two years. It continually gained attention among people of all ages from all around the world. If you explore marketing to Gen Z and millennials, you’re likely already familiar with TikTok’s influence.

TikTok has proven itself to be a viable app for marketers—one that allows millions of eyes to come across content created each and every day. For some marketers, this raises the question of how TikTok should be integrated into a brand’s marketing strategy.

That said, this is relative to whether it maintains cultural relevance or dies out like Vine. For now, the app deserves closer inspection to see where its fate lies.

What Is TikTok?

After Vine, people wanted an app to fill the short-video void. Many people relied on YouTube “Vine Compilations.” Eventually, TikTok and a fellow app blew up. When purchased by a Chinese company, the two apps combined to form the new TikTok.

While its earliest iteration following the merger involved people dancing along with or lip-syncing to music, the app has changed. Videos can now be heavily edited and uploaded. They can last from a few seconds in length to a whole 60 seconds.

How Popular Is TikTok?

Over a year ago, TikTok surpassed many other apps in download popularity. The app continues to receive many downloads. Videos now receive YouTube compilations of its own, pages on Reddit, and more.

Some TikTok content creators thrust into stardom. Others use it as a way to create niche content, whether educational or humorous, to share with friends and strangers around the world.

The Relevance and Continuance of TikTok

TikTok has hit its stride. All the media coverage makes that further apparent. While its popularity is a sign of continued relevance, there are financial reasons that lead many to believe it will survive.

Massive investments from the Beijing-located investment firm ByteDance, a company valued at $75 billion dollars, makes many believe that the company has the necessary finances to keep it afloat for years to come. Investors see momentum, with numerous internet stars emerging in a short period of time. With its current model of growth, the app pursues ways it can continue producing stars. One of these is the idea to create its own music label and licensing platform.

With more stars produced and more art tied to the app, people are drawn to the platform. They want to invest time in hope of becoming equally famous. So, we shouldn’t expect the interest of investors or users to wane anytime soon. As mentioned earlier, this makes the app even more important for marketing experts looking to enhance the internal strategy at their companies.

The Benefit of Affiliate Marketing & How It Can Be Used by Companies

TikTok seems to be in its prime right now—it’s an incredibly popular app people flock to with extreme interest. It’s easier than ever to have content be seen, liked, and shared. With an ad-free platform, it makes it simple to share videos without roadblocks and target a niche audience.

For marketing teams, TikTok can embolden your internal affiliate marketing strategy. With high supply and demand, it’s easier than ever to get eyes on your brand. If you can find the right content creators—people whose interests, attitudes, and aesthetics align with your brand—you can effectively get the attention of potential customers.

Reach out to TikTok creators for affiliate marketing purposes. When you find the right affiliate—someone whose style sits within your brand’s niche, and whose content overlaps with your company—contract them to present your brand to their audience. Even if they’re not doing advertised posts directly on TikTok, you have them promote your brand through other social media channels. Better yet, affiliate marketing is beneficial for TikTok influencers, too, making it an especially fruitful relationship.

In Conclusion

While we see signs for the rosy future of TikTok, there is still no knowing what will happen in years to come. It is currently one of the most popular apps available. TikTok should receive the attention it deserves by both content creators and marketers alike. It might just lead to an increase in digital engagement.

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