6 Ideas for Instagram Stories to Bring Your Brand to Life

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Check out this list of six ideas for Instagram Stories to make your brand stand out. Implement these Instagram Stories ideas, and you’ll have users flocking to your products and or services in no time.

Do you want to try Instagram Stories, but are not sure where to start? With the platform having over 200 million daily users, Stories makes it easy for businesses to grow their reach, engagement, and discoverability. There are many components to consider when you develop your Instagram strategy. Yet, brands may still struggle with using the platform to their advantage.

Not to worry! We put together a list of six ideas for Instagram Stories to make your brand stand out. Implement these Instagram Stories ideas, and you’ll have users flocking to your products and or services in no time.

1. Be Consistent

Just like any other social media platform, be regular with Instagram Stories. Use consistent filters, props, and effects, your brand will stand out on Instagram.

Users tend to scroll through their feeds. When they notice something attractive, they click on it. They might like, share, or both. Over time, when they see more of this content (displayed correctly), they might follow and/or share the content with their friends.

Consistent branding is key to making your account stand out without seeming unattractive and/or spammy. If you look at the IG profiles of major brands, you’ll notice how persistent they are.

Big brands like Nike, Starbucks, and National Geographic create and post stories with the same fonts. They also use the same kind of layout. The moment you click onto their story, you know exactly who it is without the need to look at the name.

If you look at other pages, such as influencers and celebrities like David Dobrik or Kevin Hart, they remain the same, too. They typically use a hand-held camera on their phone that makes their content appear real and unscripted. If they suddenly started to post highly-edited posts like Nike does, this wouldn’t fit their brands.

2. Use Appropriate Text

Obviously, posts need to have appropriate text. In other words, use text that is both fitting and legible. For example, Instagram’s default font is sans-serif, which is easy to read.

However, brands might want to experiment with different fonts and colors. This is understandable. But, don’t clash colors or do anything that makes your copy hard to read from a mobile device. In the same way, don’t overcrowd your Stories with text. Doing so can overwhelm your followers. Instead, when it comes to incorporating the right text and colors, focus on creativity.

This post from Mosseri is a screengrab from their Stories. In it, they made amazing use of Instagram text. It’s really plain and simple, but that’s exactly what people need from Instagram. If a post takes too long to decipher, your story will simply be skipped.

In this example, the text and process for placing an order is simple and effective. It gets the job done.

3. Define Your Objective

It’s important to have an objective when it comes to Instagram Stories. In other words, ask yourself: “What is it that you want to achieve with your post?”

Some examples might be to announce a new product to your followers and viewers; inspire your viewers to buy your product; or too share insight into your life, and how it connects to your brand

Once you have an objective, it’s be easier to create an effective call-to-action (CTA) for your posts and stories. There are numerous Instagram features worth exploring.

4. Tell Stories

Instagram Stories is self-explanatory when it comes to storytelling. In fact, it’s easy to tell stories on Instagram by presenting your posts in other exciting ways.

If you have a blog, take it to a whole new level on Instagram. First, break down your blog content into bite-sized pieces. Next, create graphic images with text specifically for Instagram that highlight key takeaways from the featured, condensed blog post(s). Then, if you have more than 10K followers, you can link your story to the blog itself, by enabling the “Swipe up to see more” function in your Stories.

5. Explore Collaborations

What better way to promote your brand on Instagram than to work with Instagram influencers and/or similar companies on the platform?

Collaborations are a popular way to spread the word. Ask a popular influencer to take over your Instagram Stories for the day. You can share audiences, and provide your community with insight into something (or someone) new and exciting. As long as you create guidelines to ensure the content stays on-brand, collaborations are encouraged.

Whenever two pages collaborate to go live, they can invite people join. Their followers automatically get a notification they’re going live, too. It’s an ideal option if you plan to share information or discuss a specific topic. It’s a great way to create content for each other’s stories, such as sharing sponsorship information.

6. Go Behind-the-Scenes

Consumers want to relate to brands. Be transparent and give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at your company. But, keep in mind, your behind-the-scenes Story doesn’t have to be a big, professional production. The key is to be as authentic as possible. Take your followers along for the ride. And remember: people want to see humans, not a faceless company.


Instagram Stories has been – and continues to be – a valueable part of the platform. It may also be worth considering Instagram advertising if you develop a large following. Instagram provides huge benefits to brands that cater to consumers. Why not take advantage of the opportunity?

Since Instagram is more open to users utilizing Stories in their posts to promote their products and or services, more brands should get on board with this exciting opportunity and stay engaged with their followers and customers.

Author Bio: Kristin Herman is a writer and editor for Boomessays.com and Australianhelp.com. She is also a contributing writing expert for Paperfellows.com.

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