Trending TikTok Hashtags: What They Are and What Made Them Popular

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Like other social media platforms, trending hashtags are a big part of TikTok. Leveraging these trending hashtags can be a major component of your TikTok marketing strategy. Here are some of the most common trending hashtags and why they’re so popular.

Like other social media platforms, trending hashtags are a big part of TikTok. One of the newest popular social media sites, TikTok made quite a splash (especially among millennials and Gen Z). Video content was already popular on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Then, TikTok created a new, innovative way for people to create and consume videos.

Growing your following and expanding your reach should be key goals on the platform. There are many different ways to get your content in front of more people on TikTok. You can partner with influencers, participate in contests, and use trending hashtags. If done right, marketing on TikTok can be a powerful play for your business.

Using trending Tiktok hashtags is a good place to start. Here are some of the most popular trending hashtags and why they’re so popular. Keep in mind trends always change. Make sure to verify before you put time into creating a video for a specific hashtag.

1. #foryoupage/ #fyp

The first hashtag is actually a two-for-one. The hashtags #foryoupage and #fyp are consistently trending. This is because the newsfeed on TikTok is called the For You Page. This is where users are introduced to new accounts they don’t follow and videos they may be interested in based on the TikTok algorithm. Using these hashtags help creators try to land on people’s For You Page.

2. #viral

This one is somewhat self-explanatory. Everyone wants to go viral, but simply adding #viral to your video won’t necessarily make that happen. However, there are likely many people who are searching for viral videos. So, when they type “viral” into the search bar on the site, videos with this hashtag are likely to appear.

3. #showyourtruecolors

The #showyourtruecolors hashtag began as a challenge for LGBTQ+ History Month and National Coming Out Day. Users were encouraged to create a video that shares their true colors by showing something they love to do: makeup, artwork, cooking, or they could share their stories. Cyndi Lauper was a champion for this campaign.

4. #affirmations

Affirmations are popular right now. People take to TikTok to share their favorite and most meaningful affirmations. Creators who post affirmations videos are often trying to help those who see it improve their energy or reach their goals and desires. There are many different types of videos using this hashtag, from coaches to spiritual guides to everyday people and little kids.

5. #bodypositive

The body positivity movement has grown in recent years. It made its way to TikTok, too. The social movement began as a way to spotlight plus-size people. It celebrates and encourages the acceptance of all bodies, regardless of size, shape, color, gender, appearance, or anything else. Social media is a popular place to house social movements, and TikTok is no different.

6. #doggyanthem

The #doggyanthem hashtag is a unique example of how the TikTok platform can inspire the creation of hashtags. Much like the For You Page example, this hashtag wouldn’t necessarily make sense on other platforms. There’s audio on TikTok called Doggy Anthem. In it, the creator talks about their “little doggy dude.” Many people use this hashtag with the audio to showcsae adventures with their canine companions.

7. #fallaesthetic

At the time of this writing, fall is in full swing. People are posting videos of pumpkin spice everything, Halloween decorations, fall leaves, fall outfits, pumpkin designs, and more. The #fallaesthetic hashtag offers a catchall place for this type of content. Whether you’re looking for decor inspiration or trying to find the best pumpkin-themed dessert, you can find it in this hashtag.

8. #teachersoftiktok

This hashtag may not be trending if not for the current state of the world. This year though, teachers are showing all the ways that they’re adapting their classrooms to serve their students during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some are in school with their students, others are teaching virtually, but these videos capture the creativity of teachers and the restrictions they’re facing.

9. #duet

Again, this hashtag has to do with the mechanics of TikTok itself. You can “duet” a video on the platform by creating a video that plays either alongside an existing video or is stitched together. Using #duet is a way to categorize your video. Some people really enjoy watching reaction videos that only work in the duet format while others like to participate in pre-planned duet videos.

10. #dayinthelife

A very popular style of video on TikTok is the day in the life video. Users will stitch together clips of their day and bring their followers (or anyone who finds the video) along for the ride. This could focus primarily on one aspect, like the meals someone made in one day, or encompass a more general look at the whole day.

11. #fashion101

There are many fashion influencers on TikTok, as well as people who simply enjoy fashion and want to share their thoughts on it. The #fashion101 hashtag gives them a place to do just that. It’s full of tips, outfits inspired by certain celebrities, events or songs, and humorous stories that involve fashion mishaps.

12. #originalmusic

Perhaps surprisingly, TikTok has become a place for new and aspiring musicians to post their songs to see how people like them. There have even been a few radio DJs, music producers and successful artists who have been on the lookout for new talent. Using the #originalmusic hashtag lets people know that they’re hearing something new.

13. #tiktokcooks

A very popular segment of TikTok revolves around food and recipes. Some people are sharing their favorite easy recipes, while others are showing people how to cook an entire side of salmon like a cinnamon roll. If you’re looking for dinner inspiration or just want to drool over some delicious food, check out #tiktokcooks.

14. #blacklivesmatter

The Black Lives Matter hashtag rose in popularity again in recent months. This year, many videos discuss political topics and this year’s election. Many related posts use this hashtag. Posts specifically associated with the Black Lives Matter movement do, too.

15. #ghostphotoshoot

Teens took pictures and videos of themselves dressed up in an old-school ghost costume: wearing a bedsheet. Just in time for Halloween, people found new ways to celebrate the spooky season. The hashtag has over 3 billion views on TikTok. However, there was backlash to the trend.

16. #makeuproutine

Like the cooking hashtag, many come to TikTok for help with makeup. Makeup tutorials are incredibly popular on the app. Most are interested in the everyday #makeuproutine of people they follow.

17. #actingchallenge

There are several acting challenges floating around TikTok. Most are designed to be duets. Meaning someone posts half of the audio, with lines for another person to partner up and follw along. Some of these are new scenes. Others are based on vintage and modern movies.

18. #medievaltiktok

The various sides of and topics on TikTok are often referred to by niche: Food TikTok, Music TikTok, and in this case, Medieval TikTok. The current trend involves using the Green Screen feature. Users put a medieval painting as their backgrounds. Then, they create a funny video that goes with it. The videos align with a recent event or with something old or “ancient.”

19. #hurtmyfeelings

The #hurtmyfeelings challenge gives TikTok users the chance to talk about their childhood trauma or other struggles. The song “Bulletproof” by LaRoux goes along with this challenge. The idea is, you can’t hurt their feelings because they already went through enough.

20. #outfitchange

Another popular trend on TikTok is to smoothly edit a transition that includes a major #outfitchange. Some users are incredibly skilled at making transitions appear seamless. Most of these involve kicking a shoe or throwing some other piece of their new outfit to spark the transition.

21. #lookalikeedit

The videos on the #lookalikeedit hashtag take a lot of time and editing effort to create. They often use the “PYRO” audio by Chester Young & Castion. There’s an almost strobe-light effect of the TikTok user and a video clip they look like. As the screen flips back and forth, the video moves on smoothly, alternating between the lookalike and the TikTok user.

22. #petsoftiktok

This hashtag is fairly self-explanatory. Users use this hashtag to showcase their favorite pets. Scroll carefully – you might find some exotic pets on this hashtag, like a duck or a squirrel.

23. #nottheone

The #nottheone hashtag involves people sharing stories of being mistaken for someone else. The most popular audio for this hashtag is “I Thought” by Moeed Raheel. Celebrities and everyday users alike have taken part in this trend.

24. #iamlost

This is another hashtag based on an audio clip: “In This Shirt” by The Irrepressibles. Nearly anything can fit into this trend, whether it’s a joke about a missing computer or someone actually telling the story of being lost. As long as something (or someone) isn’t where it should be, you can make it work.

Trending TikTok Hashtags

So there you have it: 24 (25 if you count both #foryoupage and #fyp) of the most popular trending hashtags on TikTok. Many of these hashtags can be used together to enhance the reach of a good video. Not all of these will work well for brands and businesses, but it’s important to keep an eye on trending TikTok hashtags. If there’s one you can leverage for your business, you should do so.

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