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The Impact of Color and Lighting in Brand Photography

The right photos have the power to sway customer opinions in a matter of seconds, both positively and negatively. As such, carefully consider every image your brand puts out online or in print. This is why brand photography is so important. Below, we’ll go over what brand photography is as…

The Most Effective Ways to Use Psychology in Marketing

Marketing is an intricate dance between businesses and consumers, where success often hinges on understanding and influencing human behavior. Psychology plays a pivotal role in this dynamic, as it enables marketers to delve into the minds of their target audience, tap into their emotions, and drive desired actions. In this…

Unveiling Innovative Marketing Tech Strategies for Maximum Impact

Marketing is a fast-paced, tech-driven industry. In the US alone, marketers spend $23 billion on tech like social apps, CRMs, and email marketing platforms. Hospitality marketers are particularly well-positioned to take advantage of emergent technology. Automation can speed up content creation while AI-integrated CMSs can turn guest’s data into useful…

Exploring Instagram’s Latest Features in 2023

Instagram consistently works to enhance user experience and keep up with changing trends in the dynamic world of social media. This year alone, Instagram has rolled out several exciting features that shift the way we interact with the platform. From Instagram Subscriptions to Threads and allowing multiple links in bios,…

Using Twitter for Link Building

Twitter is one of the most widely used social media platforms on the web today and a great portal for catching up on news, sharing information and promoting your personal or business profile. It’s also a great opportunity for link building – if you know where to go.

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Meet Chicago’s Tamale Guy

The Tamale Guy is a genuine icon of Chicago nightlife, and in recent years, his status and his business has only improved with the help of his loyal following’s use of social media.

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Social Marketing vs. Marketing on Social Networks

While it’s a great thing that more and more businesses are jumping aboard the social media bandwagon, many still aren’t really grasping the point of doing so. There’s a very finite distinction between social media marketing, and merely marketing via social media.

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A Brief Introduction to HootSuite

HootSuite is an efficient social media management tool that is very straightforward and offers a diverse array of functionality. It’s great for multiple-account management, brand monitoring, scheduling content and more.

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