At Social Hospitality, we offer digital marketing services tailored to you. Whether you want us to do the work for you or provide a plan of attack and training, we’re here to help passionate people and businesses develop their brand identities, create engaging content, and build their social media presences. Based on your company’s individual needs, we will craft a custom marketing strategy to increase traffic, brand awareness, and revenue.

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Meet our Founder and President, Debbie Miller

Since long before the internet, Debbie Miller loved to write. When a marketing internship at a destination marketing organization turned into a full-time gig during the dawn of social media for business, Debbie knew she’d found her calling. Debbie now has 10 years experience in digital marketing, content development, and social media. She speaks at industry events and has been featured in Forbes, Search Engine Journal, Social Media Today, Business2Community, Maximize Social Business, SEMrush, and more.

Latest Blog Posts

Forget Customer Journey Maps: The Buying Process is a Loop

The customer journey reveals a lot. But marketing is not linear, as funnels and even customer journey maps fail to account for the way sales happen. Marketing hourglasses come closer to understanding the interconnections, but the buying process is really more of a loop.

Restaurant Storytelling: 5 Tips to Drive Customer Engagement

Restaurant storytelling is incredibly powerful if done well. In today’s digital landscape, it affects everything from customer loyalty to your bottom line. Here are a few key tips to drive customer engagement through storytelling.

The Top 5 Customer Experience Trends for 2019

The team at Hotjar conducted a study to learn what successful companies are doing differently in regard to customer service. Here’s what you can do to improve your company’s customer experience in 2019.

Hospitality 4.0: What It Is and Why You Should Embrace It

Technology has the power to streamline your business and make it more efficient, while simultaneously offering more personalized service than ever before. Here is an overview of Hospitality 4.0, what it can offer, and why you should embrace it.

Five Ways to Make Your Food More Instagram-Worthy

Food is one of the most popular segments on Instagram. Restaurants can take advantage of this trend by catering to those active on Instagram. Here are five major ways to impact the Instagram-worthiness of your eatery.

Keep an Eye on These Seven Hotel Trends in 2019

Fall is here, which means hotels are prepping for the holiday season. Then comes the new year when hoteliers will face new challenges and changes. Staying ahead of guest expectations will ensure you provide the best experience. Here are 7 hotel trends to watch in 2019.