Social Hospitality™ is a boutique digital marketing agency in Orange County, CA. Focusing on social media and SEO along with copywriting and editing for websites, blogs, and enewsletters, Social Hospitality helps businesses nurture online relationships and create loyal customers.

Social media has changed the ways businesses are able to interact with their customers — It provides a unique ability to actively engage individuals before, during and after their experience with a particular brand. And, in addition traditional marketing and public-relations strategies, professionals can really elevate their image in innovative ways.

“Social Hospitality”

The hospitality industry in particular has an enormous opportunity to market in new, innovative ways via social media, content marketing, and new technology.

The definition of hospitality is “the friendly reception and treatment of guests or strangers.” While the “hospitality industry” is typically perceived as encompassing hotels and restaurants, it can easily be broadened to include any venue that welcomes guests, actively evokes customer service or simplifies that process.

The Social Hospitality blog outlines the ways businesses in the hospitality realm are using social media and technology to strategically market themselves, broaden brand awareness, increase consumer interaction, and more.

By discussing current events, trends and case studies, it aims to assess what’s working and what isn’t, along with who is using it well, and why. It also touches upon miscellaneous tech trends as well as articles pertaining to hospitality-related genres.

Tell Me More…

I’m Debbie, the Owner of Social Hospitality. Learn more about me and my background here. I am intimately involved in all aspects of the brand and absolutely love what I do!

I was in the fortunate position to watch social media emerge in the hospitality industry (and all other business sectors) around 2009 and am fascinated by its continuing evolution. I love learning about the various components of online marketing and consume articles and blogs on such topics daily, while attending conferences and other educational events as often as possible.

There are two primary factors that initially and continuously influence my attraction to social media:

  1. Its inherently collaborative nature — it’s humbling to see many businesses, people, etc., that are technically competitors consistently supporting and aiding each other through this medium.
  2. The stimulus for creativity — the ability to access so many minds in one place; to learn from how people think; the variety of things they discuss; the endless amount of resources provided by tweets on a never-ending basis all contribute to broadening perspectives and new ideas.

I wanted to create an environment that serves as a resource for others in the industry, as well as those outside of it can that can learn from some of the examples the industry has set.

Blog Guest Contributors

All blogposts are written by Debbie unless an otherwise noted “guest contributor” is listed as the author, with subsequent contributor bio following the post.

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