How we Help

Create a Personalized Strategy

You can’t build anything without a foundation. That’s why our first step is to dive deep into your brand’s goals and gain a strong sense of your customer personas. From there, we begin analyzing and researching how we can create a targeted email strategy and acquire more subscribers. Don’t worry if you don’t have a subscriber base yet. Our team is well-versed in developing subscriber acquisition campaigns, helping you to build a list of brand new potential customers.

Brand-Centric Email Design

Customers don’t open any email. Brands often get lost in users’ inboxes or deleted altogether. Why? Well, it’s simple – the email wasn’t interesting enough. We avoid this by applying your audience’s interests to every step of the email design process. We use the latest email marketing platforms and design tools to create email layouts that will snag subscribers’ attention. And, we learn quickly if any of your customers are losing interest. We track all the metrics of each campaign, analyzing subscribers’ behavior so that future emails see higher open rates.

Strengthen Relationships with your Subscribers

If there’s one thing that any strategy relies on, it is maintenance. We aren’t going to let your subscribers lose interest in your brand. How? Instead of sending our general emails, we take the extra steps to create incentivizing email campaigns that cater specifically to customers’ needs. This means personalizing emails for customer groups, assuring that they see content that they love.

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