Stephen Andrews, Vice President of Marketing & Sales

Passport Resorts LLC

I want to take this opportunity to provide the highest level of praise and recommendation for Debbie Miller of Social Hospitality. Over the last two years, Debbie has provided strategic social media services for our properties; two luxury hotel properties with very different goals and needs. Through her expertise, Debbie has furnished an exceptional strategic direction for each of the properties, delivering a combination of insightful and inspired positioning strategies and proactive social media campaign recommendations with outstanding results. Her understanding of the often complex and nuanced medium of the social digital world has provided us with a level of professional targeted support and counsel that has proven vital to the core objectives of our business. I would highly recommend her services to any hospitality organization seeking to substantially increase their profile and reputation in our industry.

Tracy Hermans, Former Director of Global Ecommerce

Urban Decay Cosmetics

Simply put, Debbie is one of the most driven and sincere leaders I’ve had the pleasure to work with and know. She furthers the true cadence and business development for her clients using the proven results via social media, social PR and dedicated communication efforts. She’s tackled challenging initiatives while juggling multiple projects with ease and professional guidance. I enthusiastically recommend working with her for any clients or companies who need data driven results and social media growth in the strategy.

Jim Wendt, Senior Ecommerce Manager

Coffee Bean

I hired Debbie to present her Social Media 101 course to our senior management team, most of which are new to facebook, twitter, etc. An articulate speaker, Debbie laid out excellent statistics and moreover was able to explain technical concepts in a compelling and easy to to understand manner. Debbie presented insightful examples and has a firm grasp on how businesses can leverage all that social media has to offer. I recommend Debbie to any person or company trying to build awareness, be more competitive, and stand out from the crowd.

Akvile DeFazio, President

Akvertise, Inc.

if you’re looking for someone to assist with your content or social media marketing efforts, especially if you’re in the hospitality industry, look no further, Debbie has exactly what you need in order to reach and exceed your goals and expectations. Debbie is a seasoned marketer, a natural problem solver, a creative writer, and a talented public speaker. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Debbie speak at top rated marketing industry events and business events, sharing her knowledge in a professional, relatable, actionable, personable, animated, and well versed manner. It’s exciting to see her speak as she has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with others and does so enthusiastically. It has also been inspiring and rewarding to collaborate with her and to learn from her over the years. If you have the opportunity to do so, you certainly won’t regret it!

Anita Price, Senior Content Marketing Manager


Debbie is a marketing generalist who excels at all aspects of digital marketing and communications. She and I work together at one of her client companies, Restaurant365, where she is an integral part of the Restaurant365 marketing team. She is always enthusiastic about taking on new projects and is continually honing her skills. She is especially adept at social media marketing and generously shares her knowledge and expertise with her marketing teammates. She can juggle multiple communications projects simultaneously and works extremely well under deadline pressure. I highly recommend Debbie to any company looking for a smart, creative marketing communications professional.

Anna Paschke, ISR Program Coordinator


I had the pleasure of working with Debbie at (my last company). Debbie and I worked together on webinars, campaigns, and partner communications for the various partner programs. Campaigns resulting in strong engagement and webinars bringing in quality leads at a high volume. Debbie was always efficient and effective. She is a hard worker and has a fantastic, team-oriented attitude. She is a great asset to have on your team!

Carol Hink, Marketing & Communications Director

German International School of Silicon Valley

It is a privilege to know Debbie both personally and professionally. Debbie is one of those unique individuals who has the perfect blend of heart, humor, intelligence, creativity, and unlimited GB’s of social media knowledge. Her willingness to openly share that knowledge and help others is priceless. Debbie has always gone above and beyond and her gift of writing is amazing. She is a caring, passionate, kind, and talented soul that I highly recommend to have in your court personally or professionally.

Tanya Salcido, Sr. Manager, Growth Marketing Strategy


I am happy to recommend Debbie. I hired her to assist with article writing and she surpassed all expectations. She is an exceptional writer and was comfortable writing on diverse topics, including branding, technology and social media. Debbie always made the reader feel engaged. She was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommended her.

Christina Saunders, Senior Marketing Manager

Ascendant Network

Intelligent, insightful and invaluable…these are just a few words to describe Debbie. With her vast experience and knowledge, she has earned the title of social media guru, copywriter extraordinaire, account strategist, and forward-thinking educator. Debbie is a key asset to any organization, team and company. She is not only friendly but a positive influencer, creating a collaborative and effective environment that breeds successful ideas and results. She is constantly learning and evolving herself in her roles, while sharing the knowledge with others. Debbie is truly an inspirational person that helps motivates others. I would highly recommend Debbie to any team!

Jim Walery, Director of Marketing

IData Incorporated

During the time that I have known her, I’ve been impressed with Debbie’s work ethic and communication skills. She is excellent with social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. She has a great ability to provide consistent marketing information using these tools. She has been a big assistance to me and a local Chamber of Commerce in getting out information to interested parties. I have seen her be a big contributor to the success of a large networking event. She gets along with others. Her knowledge, energy and enthusiasm makes her a great team member. I recommend her highly.

Kelsey Jones, Editor-in-Chief​

Neil Patel Digital

Debbie is one of the best social media strategists I’ve worked with. She has a very in-depth knowledge of social media and was always coming up with new and inventive ideas of how to run campaigns. I would definitely work with Debbie again in the future and would always recommend her to others.

Oscar Gonzalez, Tech Consultant

Not a Grouch

Debbie is awesome. I wish that’s all I needed to say about her because really, she is. But I need to tell you some of the specifics. Debbie has done work for me on numerous times and we’ve worked together in joint projects as well. She’s a great writer and she can deliver better, faster and stronger results than anyone else I’ve worked with in this field. She has an uncanny ability to come up with creative ways of writing your product descriptions, blogposts, or marketing copy. And she understands social. She’s the real deal and the whole package. Besides her writing ability (she actually has studied in relevant fields!) she has an unwavering professionalism and I trust her to deal with my clients directly. She’s that good. Oh yeah and did I mention she’s a social media expert? If you find yourself in need of someone to write, edit, produce or help you strategize your content, Stop looking, for you have found your answer.

Tomoko Kunishi, Executive Assistant


I took “Developing a Social Media Strategy” at UCI offered by Debbie Miller. She brought her brilliant insight gained through her professional experiences to us and taught not only the most recent case studies but also how to analyze the latest market. These are lively. She is extremely knowledgeable about Social Media, SEO, and other online marketing. Beyond her lecture itself, I found her strong passion for online business, persistent efforts for us to achieve goals of tasks and a beautiful sense of humor. I am so pleased to get this opportunity to recommend her.

Vickie Adams,Owner

Adam’s Appraisers

Debbie’s ability to quickly study the nature of my business and make recommendations was remarkable. She tactfully answered my questions about entry into social networks for business development and offered me an appreciation for the possibilities of the tools discussed. In looking at my comprehensive digital strategy, Debbie quickly and efficiently developed a plan, created ads, and updated my website. It is a pleasure working with such a cordial and competent individual.

Isabel Suardiaz, Senior Digital Acquisition Consultant

The Cocktail

Debbie is an excellent teacher. She was my teacher in the Social Media Strategy class at the Media and Global Certificate Program at UCI. I really enjoyed her classes. She used a variety of creative teaching methods to ensure we learned what we need to our future professional careers. Her calming personality makes you feel completely comfortable, even when you’re making mistakes. She is always encouraging and positive. In addition, all the class materials were very updated with real examples that helped us to see how important Social Media is in marketing and in any kind of business. I am glad I had her as a teacher and I would definitely take another course with her.

Kim Sherman, Former Director of Membership

The Greater Irvine Chamber of Commerce

Debbie is a social media superstar and an extremely talented writer and blogger! She has given so much to the business community volunteering her time, talent and knowledge. She is simply….The Best!

Dan Pittman

Pittman & Associates

I recommend Debbie to anyone looking for a smart, detail-oriented professional who knows her way around the social media juggernaut.

Stephen Kane, CEO

Handpicked Tomatoes

I was looking for a star to add to our social media marketing team and Debbie has proven herself to be an amazing find. Smart, fast, highly independent and very social media savvy. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Dimple Thakkar, CEO

Synhergy Marketing

Debbie is outstanding! I’ve always found her to be dependable, hard-working, enthusiastic and helpful. She is always prepared, fired up and ready to go! Her quick and sharp mind has been a tremendous asset for my social media company. We love having Debbie on board and we thank her for the positive impact she brings to our team.

Laurice Nahas, Owner

Art of Strength

Debbie is a great member of any team! She is instrumental in understanding the social media world and acts as our industry knowledge base. She is up-to-the minute in the know of all the latest news and social tools. She excels at social media strategy, planning social media events and writing content both socially or optimized for websites. Lastly, she is very passionate about her work and builds personal and respectful relationships with clients and every member of her team.

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