You’ve redesigned your restaurant’s website, launched some new offers and overhauled the menu.

So, what next? If you really want to boost your sales, perhaps the next step is introducing a new marketing blog to your site, or at the very least updating your current one.

Perhaps, so far, your restaurant blog has been neglected, or maybe you only reluctantly update it every now and then because you feel you should.

That said, a great blog not only helps drive new customers to your site, it’ll ultimately help bring new people through your restaurant’s doors, too.

So, if you’re not sure where to begin we’ve done a little of the hard work for you to give you a push in the right direction.

Here are three restaurants and bars who are not only winning at blogging, they’re winning at sales, too.

Hakkasan, London

It’s one of the world’s most well-known Chinese restaurants so, let’s face it; Hakkasan’s blog should be a bit better than your average – and it really is.

It’s updated fairly regularly (at least a handful of posts per month) and for its stunning imagery online it’s well worth a look.

The Hakkasan blog offers a real mix of posts, from mini reviews about Asian art exhibitions in London, to knowledge-based pieces about China and its culture.

It’s a relatively new blog, but one that will no doubt become a must-read in time. If you’re umming and ahhing about making a reservation, this is a blog that’ll certainly whet your appetite for the authentic cuisine that’s in store at Hakkasan.


Love Italian food? You’ve no doubt already had a meal or two at Zizzi, it being the go-to restaurant for fairly affordable family food. But have you checked out Zizzi’s blog yet?

This is a brand that knows its audience, and we reckon anyone in the hospitality industry can certainly take a leaf out of Zizzi’s book for this reason alone.

Blending recipes for delicious pasta dishes you can make at home, with collaborations with popular fashion bloggers, Zizzi doesn’t miss a trick when it comes to engaging with its customers. But it’s not all pizza related musings, either.

The brand even brought its fans some love tips ahead of Valentine’s Day recently. Nice! Bookmark the blog for all the latest news, offers and more from this authentic chain restaurant.

Revolution Bars

Knowing who you’re marketing to is the key to great communications. And like Zizzi, Revolution is another brand that knows exactly who its customers are.

The Revolution’s blog offers a true reflection of its customers, its people, its atmosphere and, more importantly, its product. Keep an eye on the blog and you’ll find anything from fun celebrity-inspired drinks posts to cocktail recipes.

Stir in a shot of wit and you’ve got a fantastic blog that I’ve already received via my Facebook timeline from a friend or two. This post in particular seemed to be doing the rounds a fair bit in the run up to Christmas.

So perhaps it’s time you updated your own blog? You can do a lot worse than simply post a little more regularly and suss out your audience to ensure you only deliver relevant and timely updates.

Monitor your competitors or people who you feel are doing it right, make notes on why they’re successful and try and emulate them!

This post was contributed by Sean Revell, a writer who specialises in helping employers find the best possible candidates and applicants find their dream jobs. He writes about leisure, travel and the hotel industry on behalf of Leisurejobs, the UK’s largest leisure specific job board and recruitment agency.