As technology continues to advance, businesses are constantly looking for ways increase their social presence and create and maintain customer relationships and engagements.

Recently, a privately held company has given businesses the opportunity to do this with the creation of Wavespot.

Wavespot is an innovator in the on-premise WiFi marketing technology industry. It recently partnered with Constant Contact to allow business owners and marketers to integrate the Constant Contact email marketing tools with Wavespot’s WiFi marketing automation platform.

Their WiFi hardware and marketing solutions provide in-depth analytics, engage on-premise customers, as well as automate and manage a business’s marketing efforts.

With Wavespot, businesses can collect emails of on-premise customers seamlessly via a WiFi connection. The Wavespot marketing automation platform is bridging the online and on-premise customer engagements. With this, businesses are able to better manage their email marketing campaigns and location-based interactions with customers.


Specifically, small and medium businesses can enjoy a scalable and robust marketing solution with the convergence of Wavespot and Constant Contact.

Wavespot makes it easy to create, deploy, and measure a business’s marketing campaigns success as well as optimize future campaigns.

With this new innovation, businesses that utilize Wavespot are able to deliver personalized marketing collateral to gain a better understanding of customers and increase social media presence.

One feature is called social listening, which allows businesses to keep an ear out for online customer reviews or comments that provide businesses with their customer’s sentiments about their business.

Another unique feature is called social coupon, which allows businesses to analyze how often a coupon is redeemed or shared on social media websites.

Wavespot also analyzes how many customers are return visitors, first time visitors, as well as how long customers stay on-premise. With all these features, businesses are bound to gain valuable information to benefit their business.


Rosa Mexicano, a fine-dining Mexican restaurant with fourteen locations nationally, is one business that successfully implemented the use of Wavespot over a year and a half ago and has seen outstanding results.

Through Wavespot, customers log into the restaurant’s WiFi network using Facebook, Twitter, or their email ID. In turn, Rosa Mexicano is able to gain insight into customer demographics, psychographics, likes and interest.

Over the year and a half, Rosa Mexicano received the following through Wavespot:

  • 88,214 WiFi Logins
  • 27,788 Email Subscribers
  • 26,910 Social Logins via Facebook and Twitter
  • 5,226 Social Media Shares

This data helped Rosa Mexicano determine its target audience and help shape marketing messages, campaigns, and engagement actions.

In such a short period of time, Rosa Mexicano was able to increase social media presence, boost the number of email subscribers, and gain valuable information about customer demographics to better determine target markets.

If your business is looking to gain information about customers in a simple, easy way, Wavespot has features that provide in-depth analytics to help you better manage your marketing efforts.