It was the late Maya Angelou who said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

This also holds true with social media campaigns, as buying is an inherently emotional act. When a customer decides on a purchase, they go about it not through a series of rational thought, but because of how it made them feel.

According to the consulting firm, Brand Keys, in their 2013 Customer Loyalty Index, the decision-making process is primarily driven by emotions at 70%, while the remaining 30% is attributable to logical thought.

This means that to make a positive impact, you need to tap into the total customer experience more than any other factor. The good news is that as a platform, social media is uniquely primed to form relationships and emotional connections with customers.

A 2012 study by Motista revealed that up to 46% of online followers felt that buying from a brand they followed reflected their daily lifestyle and also brought joy and pleasure to their lives, as opposed to 20% who did not.

Here are 5 ways you can establish a positive emotional connection through your social media channels.

1. Appeal to Emotion More than Logic

There are four emotional triggers that evoke the most response on social media namely happiness, sadness, fear, and anger.

It should go without saying that it’s best to focus on content that will bring up happy feelings more than the others. You want to encourage customers to have a light, joyful feeling toward your brand.

One other “negative” emotion, fear, can be predicated on its avoidance more than anything. Fear highly motivates people, and if you take the time to listen to what your customers want to avoid, you can create a powerful message that dispels those fears—replacing them with joyful feelings.

Another thing connected to this is giving too much information. While it’s important to let customers know more about your product when they ask for it, laying out unnecessary details can have an adverse effect and might result in doubting their decision to buy.

If you already have a loyal customer base who show up in every product launch, focus on letting them enjoy the experience of buying your product and encourage their commitment to buy.

This way, you’re helping customers to achieve buyer happiness by convincing them that they were right in deciding to go with your product.

2. Create a Clear Plan of Action

When launching your social media campaign, you need to create a clear strategy instead of just randomly sharing content.

Social media can be a powerful platform to get people to respond to your call to action, and you need to follow four steps for maximum impact.

First is to set a goal along with having one clear outcome. For brands, you want people to buy, so you need to iron out exactly what you need to do to achieve it.

Second is getting your audience’s attention. You can use emotional triggers and hooks coupled with visual imagery to get people to notice you and your message.

Next is to engage by using excellent content and having a story that resonates with your audience. Finally, send your call to action followed by the direction they need to carry out the behavior you want to achieve.

3. Form a Strong Brand Image That Customers Will Identify with

Getting customers to follow your social media accounts is half the battle won, as the Motista study cited earlier suggests, “followers get a strong emotional identity from brands that they follow and feel joyful with every purchase from the companies they follow online.”

They already have positive feelings toward you, and this makes them pre-disposed to remain loyal to your brand such that when you come up with content and share those that strengthen aspects of your brand that they strongly identify with.

For example, Coke’s “open happiness” campaign is a straightforward message that encourages happy, joyful feelings with every gulp of their fizzy drink.

Know your customer’s wants and needs well, and share content that they’ll strongly identify with that they’ll voluntary share in their feeds.

4. Go out of Your Way to Create Outstanding Customer Experience

The title “Chief Customer Experience Executive” is now becoming more prominent in businesses, as managers recognize the importance of customer experience to achieve success.

Creating and harnessing memorable experiences is something that is no longer taken lightly, and more budgets and manpower are being shifted to ensure that both internal and external customers are satisfied.

This is why hiring an outsourced customer service company is a cost-effective way to ensure that your clients get the kind of experience that “wows” them and keeps them loyal. Now is the time to hire “experienced officers” who will do whatever they can to keep customer delighted and happy.

The Gallup poll numbers reveal that your internal customers should remain engaged, because they have up to 22% higher profitability and 10% of the time, have more positive customer ratings.

5. Iterate Your Content

Repetition is key in letting people remember you on social media as well as let them see a consistent thread in the message you share online. Come up with a theme, and let those in charge of sharing your content understand it thoroughly.

Share the same idea or theme consistently, publish on a regular basis, and do so with varying approaches and perspectives to change it up a little.

When you share the same content, don’t share exactly the same thing over and over on your online platforms—find creative ways to share the same idea in a fresh way.

Logical thought has no place on social media if you want customers to respond actively to your call to action. You can rationalize all you want, but the truth is that you are swayed by emotions more than you or customers have been led to believe.

Harness the power of making a strong connection on social media, and you’ll build a lasting impression that will lead to strong customer ties and brand loyalty.


Author Bio: Alleli Aspili is a Senior Specialist for Business Development Infinit-O, an ISO-certified BPO company that caters SMEs. While out of work, you can still see her in front of her computer learning more about marketing. She’s an internet and social media geek.