Social Hospitality accepts relevant guest posts from contributors. Use the form below to pitch your proposed article. We reserve the right to accept or reject guest post submissions on a case-by-case basis. We also review and edit very guest post, and make changes for things like clarity, consistency, conciseness, SEO, and accuracy.

For an article to be accepted, it must meet the following guidelines:

  • Relevance to our Readers: Your post MUST tie in to marketing, business, technology, or a related field. Broader topics may also be considered if relevant to our audience (in-house marketers).
  • Quality of Content: Do you have clear, concise ideas? If so, you’re good to go! Posts simply containing broad generalities will not be admitted.
  • Specific Examples Mentioned: Please be specific and include examples and/or case studies to confirm the points made in your post.
  • Quality of Writing: The content must be presented in a well-written, naturally-flowing manner. It should be both conversational and educational in tone.
  • Grammatical Flow: Please use active rather than passive voice. For example, rather than “Marketers should be looking into…”, say “Marketers should look into…” Additionally, break up longer sentences into shorter ones to improve readability.
  • No “Absolute” Statements: Don’t use words like “always” or “never” when describing whether or not to do something. Nothing is the case 100% of the time.
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Words: The word “that” can be eliminated most of the time. For example, “You can be certain that companies are…” The word “that,” here, is unnecessary. Please also eliminate phrases that are unnecessary for the sentence to still have the same meaning. To use the same example, “You can be certain that companies are…” Just say “Companies are…” It’s more direct.
  • Linking Policy: You may include links to your own sites or those of your clients. Please make sure the link is naturally incorporated into the text of your article. If it doesn’t really fit, please feel free to include the link(s) in your bio. If the post is an obvious link grab and nothing else, it will be declined. The article must provide value to our readers.
  • Be Nice: Please understand that, due to certain circumstances (such as a high quantity of articles submitted in a short period), we may get backed up and have items lined up to be shared over the coming weeks. If you’re rude or argumentative about this in any way, your post won’t be added to the queue. (This has happened!) We are not a portal to simply spread links on the web to meet a deadline; we strive to uphold the value of content posted, as well as be fair to everyone who submits content.
  • Be Transparent: Don’t pitch yourself as someone that writes about travel, then send over an article on online dating, then ask if we’ll “accept it anyway” when we say it doesn’t fit. (This has also happened.)

Thank you for adhering to these guidelines. We strive to provide the most quality content possible and hope that these guidelines set reasonable expectations and keep our readers pleased.

Please fill out the form below to submit a guest post proposal. Please include an overview of your proposed topic.

You will receive an email from Debbie within 48 hours if your proposed content has been approved for posting. If you do not hear back in that time frame, that means not all of the guidelines have been met and your content was not approved.


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