San Francisco Hotel Taking a Pro-active Approach to Social Media

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The Parc 55 Wyndham hotel uses Twitter and Facebook to let fans and followers know about special deals, special rates strictly for them along with San Francisco news, events and facts.

Nestled in the heart of Union Square in San Francisco, California, The Parc 55 Wyndham hotel is doing a great job with social media. The hotel has been using Twitter and Facebook for a while but it wasn’t until Office Manager Julia Schurman came on-board last October did they revamp their approach.

They now use both sites to let fans and followers know about special deals, special rates strictly for them (which is great for both the hotel as well as the consumers) along with San Francisco news, events and facts. San Francisco is so full of history and action all the time, and it’s great for the hotel to have a direct connection with people to be able to share what they may be missing, and encourage those people to let Parc 55 host them so that they can have a great time in the city.

It’s been a perfect way for them, as a large property, to interact with guests, potential guests and any organizations who may interested in travel, hospitality or San Francisco on a more personalized level. They want that intimate connection – they want people to know about them, visit them, have an enjoyable experience and spread the word.

Recently, Parc 55 hosted their first tweetup. The hotel has gone through a huge renovation the past couple years and the property is very different, visually, to those who haven’t seen it since before the remodeling. They sought a way to entice guests to visit and check out all the amazing changes. They also just became a Wyndham in 2010, so they thought a tweetup would be a great way to draw in locals and visitors to see the inside of the hotel, the location and meet the team.

Unfortunately, rain and cold temperatures left most of the area inside to hibernate. This first attempt was definitely a learning experience, if only to take weather into consideration. In the future, they plan to offer a hotel tour and opportunity to meet the General Manager. The goal is merely to offer guests a good time so that they’ll hopefully come back themselves along with referring the hotel to friends and family.

The hotel’s big social media initiative now is their Number 55 Promotion. Once they reach 1,200 Facebook fans and Twitter followers, they’ll award a individual on each medium a three-night stay on club level (anyone who tweets “#parc55luckynumber” within the 55 days is entered to win). With stunning views of San Francisco, who wouldn’t want that prize?

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