Twitter just launched the follow button for websites, allowing people to follow your twitter account directly from your website. Previously, you could link to your Twitter page, but guests would then have to go directly to it in order to follow.

It would be wise for businesses, companies, venues, etc., to take advantage of this great functionality for several reasons:

  1. It’s simple. It bypasses that middle step of having to redirect a guest to another page in order for them to follow; they can do it in one click right from the page they’re already on.
  2. It’s easy to set up. By going to Twitter’s resource page, you simply have to plug in your Twitter handle and it provides you the code that you simply just plug into your site.
  3. With hotel pages, for example, most Twitter and Facebook icons are at the top or bottom of the page, not necessarily in view when you’re reading information around the middle. This additional link allows for additional visibility of the Twitter account to someone who maybe has become immune to the traditional social media icons.

Between the easiness for both the business and the consumer, it wouldn’t be surprising for the Twitter button to become mainstream in a short period of time.