tripsketch appTripSketch is a site that provides individual travelers and travel professionals with an easy-to-use web based application for green travel planning.

Their new mobile app, TripSketch Green Book, is one of the first green travel mobile apps that allows users to download a virtual guidebook of worldwide eco-friendly hotels, attractions, restaurants and travel options (think hand-picked local, sustainable food and retail establishments that give back to the community) as well as “don’t miss” recommendations.

Green Book thereby moves sustainable travel beyond recycling hotel towels. Plus, 20% of all TripSketch proceeds from paid downloads goes to charity! In addition, by downloading the Green Book app, the user doesn’t have to pay roaming charges when travelling abroad.

In essence, TripSketch Green Book helps travelers make conscientious travel decisions, support sustainable and charitable companies/organizations, and save money at the same time. And because they’re in their beginning stages, they hope to eventually add additional functionality and are constantly expanding their database of original travel content from their editorial staff.

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