Consistently rated as one of the top resorts in the world, Sea Island provides luxurious guest experiences, with varied settings including oceanfront, riverfront, and golf perspectives to suit every taste.

It is easily a destination in itself, providing services and amenities for any and every kind of traveler. One unique trend they’ve embraced is mobile food, and, in fact, they have their own on-site food truck, The Flip Flop Bistro.

The Flip Flop Bistro is a casual dining truck that serves fresh, eclectic, and delicious seasonal fare. Sea Island’s newest dining venue, the Bistro was inspired by the gourmet food truck craze that has swept the east and west coasts.

The formula is simple, and perfectly executed: provide high-quality, portable meals in a casual, open-air, and ever-changing environment.

Flip Flop Bistro at Sea Island

The Flip Flop Bistro provides a mobile culinary experience with unique menu options that are updated daily. A far cry from your typical “burger and hot dog” stand, it derives its menu from the minds of Sea Island’s entire culinary team. The result is a playful and eclectic menu with strong international influences.

This is an awesome idea in that it offers visitors a really authentic dining experience. Many hotel restaurants have a similar (while nice) vibe, and this offers a fun differentiation from the standard. It’s also a very progressive move and allows visitors to both try new meals each time as well as experience different parts of the resorts based on where the Bistro travels on-site each day.

Would you visit an on-site food truck at a hotel over the regular in-house restaurant?