Looking for an exquisite boutique hotel mere steps from the beach? Want to hit a popular nightclub with an unobstructed line of vision into the Petco infield?

SherpaReviews.com helps avid travelers identify top-rated hotels, restaurants, and extraordinary things-to-do in San Diego within a visually captivating 3D multimedia view.

The new website includes the “SHERPA Finder,” a highly-customizable travel application that uses cutting edge technology to help busy travelers find unique recommendations based on distinctive tastes and interests such as star rating, type, location, service style and even design style.

Plan Luxury Travel in 3D

Search for a “traditional romantic restaurant in a tranquil setting,” for example, and you will get information about the luxurious Rancho Bernardo Inn; change “tranquil” to “city,” and you’ll be directed to the more urban and modern W San Diego.

In addition, users can instantly find all of the area’s top rated hotels, restaurants, and extraordinary “things-to-do” with the “SHERPA Score” – local expert ratings of A (exceptional)
and B (superior).

“My business leaves me little time to investigate the level of luxury I expect when traveling,” says Dr. Ross Dixon, a local area dentist and avid traveler. “SHERPA Reviews puts everything I need to know at my fingertips.”

Dixon, who has lived and worked in San Diego his entire life, says he thought he knew everything about the city. Not so. “SHERPA helped me find new things that I had not even considered before,” he says.

SHERPAReviews.com was designed to act as a local, expert-rated luxury travel information portal with the most up-to-date content for both travelers and locals. Traditional publishers and massproduced magazines have for years dominated luxury travel guides, but they are challenged in being able to provide up-to-date information.

iPhone and iPad applications are in the works, as is expansion to other cities. Access to the site is free with registration.

For additional information, contact Lisa Singelyn of Counterintuity.