I’m a huge movie fan, and am subscribed to AMC Theatres’ newsletter that emails news and featured offers for upcoming releases.

They sent out an email promoting The Amazing Spiderman, the new Spiderman movie coming out July 3.

The Amazing Spiderman

When I clicked to view more info on how to enter to win tickets to the premiere, I noticed the barrier to entry involved downloading the movie’s mobile app and “swinging around” it in search of the entry form.

Rather than supplying a basic online form, or guiding people directly to the appropriate page on the mobile site, they encourage people to explore it, thereby allowing people to learn more about the movie as well as experience the usability of the app itself.

They also provide a few clues, adding a game-like component to the hunt, and the clues indicate one should watch the movie’s trailer.

This is an awesome idea for a sweepstakes, and a great way for a hotel, restaurant, or any business, to both promote AND get people to explore their new mobile app.

They could also include a video about their venue, and increase views by offering some kind of incentive.

This mobile marketing initiative allows people to become familiar with app, and perhaps recommend it to others and/or offer feedback on how it could be improved, and it also allows consumers to (inadvertently) learn more about (whatever the app is about).

What are some other ways brands can get users exploring mobile websites?