Tripbnb, the world’s first online social travel marketplace, is offering travel perks to people who might be interested in making a financial contribution that will help towards the development of a Phone and Tablet app.

Tripbnb provides travelers a greater opportunity to find accommodations, compatible with personal specifications and budget. Their infrastructure has been designed by a team of savvy travel and business experts who understand that successful travel plans somewhat depend upon the place you stay, location and the people you meet.

Founder and CEO Wesley Baker reports that the company is looking for people who share their vision for a better travel booking experience.

“We want to become the world’s most extensive lifestyle resource for unique travel accommodations that fall within a traveler’s budget and lifestyle needs.”

Baker reports that hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars have already been invested into the development and launch of However, “(they) would like to develop a workable phone and tablet application to enable a better customer experience.”

Currently, Tripbnb specializes in offering small to medium sized accommodations supplied by hotels, guest houses, bed and breakfast and private rental owners. Inventory could range from a surf camp in Morocco, a condo in Phoenix, or to a castle in Scotland.

“To attract development funds, we have set contributions to as low as $10 and as high as $1,000. In return a contributor will receive perks that range from Tripbnb travel mugs to travel discounts and complimentary night stays,” Baker notes.

The website is currently in Beta mode after debuting in late summer. The brand is very happy with its development to date.

“Like any new business, in order to gain awareness we need to keep promoting our services and attracting new customers,” says Baker. Tripbnb is poised to become the world’s most efficient way to travel.

“We are offering extensive travel information like no other website on the market,” he said.