Picture this: You are enjoying a delightful vacation with family or friends. You are simply enjoying the activities your vacation location has to offer when you, or someone in your vacation party, suffers an injury.

Follow these steps to solve the problem of an injury in your group, and hopefully it will not have to ruin the remainder of your vacation.

1. Diagnose the injury. At the first sight of injury, take a look at the injured person and their ailment. If it is something that you or another vacation group member are comfortable dealing with, then take care of it yourself and continue your fun. If the person hit his or her head, it’s crucial to rule out possibly brain damage. Download the Concussion Recognition & Response app for your phone before your trip for step-by-step instructions for ruling out or treating head trauma.

2. Seek help. If the sustained injury is more than anyone in the vacationing group can take care of, the next step is to seek medical attention. If you are vacationing in the United States, it is still appropriate to call 911 and ask the medical professionals for the best form of assistance for your situation. If you are vacationing out of the country, contact the workers of the place you are staying and ask them to connect you with the medical professionals in the area.

3. Document the incident. Speak with everyone that was present during the time that the injury was sustained, as well as the person who endured the injury (if they are coherent enough to contribute to a conversation). Make sure to map out the exact chain of events that let to the injury of the member of the vacationing group. It’s important that the facts are straight and agreed upon. The next step would be to document the injury with the local authorities. This will be especially beneficial if there are any legal issues concerning the injury and the way the injury took place. Be sure to get a copy of those documents before returning home from the vacation. Also, be weary of Instagramming pictures of the injury or tweeting about the specifics involved. These could be admissible in court if legal action is taken.

4. Contact the insurance company. In order to get medical attention for the injury that one of the members of your vacation group has sustained, they will need to have documentation providing proof of insurance. If you are in a foreign country that does not require proof of insurance, it’s still likely that the medical attention given to your friend will need to be documented by their insurance company. When the injured party returns from their vacation, it’s crucial that they contact their insurance company as soon as possible and ask them for the next step. Oftentimes, big-name insurance companies have online representatives available to answer questions 24/7, but each insurance company is likely to have different processes for dealing with injuries. Following the insurance company’s steps is important and is likely to save the injured party lots of money.

This post was contributed by Samantha Schuler. Samantha is an insurance claim representative and a contributing author for healthinsurancequotes.org