blog planCreating a blog for your brand is a great supplement to your online marketing. Hotels and restaurants, for example, can write articles, post pictures or do a variety of other things to entice people to visit their establishments. However, blogging for business and be tricky and many blogs fail to lure in a consistent fanbase.

There are a lot of possible reasons this happens:

Not Regularly Updating

Posting on your blog and then abandoning it looks lazy. Even if you share small updates like a new dish on the menu, or offering discounts on hotel rooms, that’s still better than having large gaps in posting. Be consistent in sharing new content so anyone visiting your site will be informed with what’s new.

No Interaction

Interacting with your visitors is just as important as posting regular updates. Ignoring comments or queries looks neglectful in regard to customer service. It’s important to reply to comments since it shows that you value your audience’s opinions regardless if it’s good or bad.

Poor Layout

“Presentation is everything.” Five-star blog posts about signature dishes or having a newly-built infinity pool won’t be taken seriously if your blog looks like it’s been put together by a kid. It’s worth investing in an expert who will be able to make your blog as presentable as possible.

Not Sharing
Having a blog set up is a great start, but getting the word out about it is a whole other thing. Be sure to share your posts via your social networks to help spread the word.

Marketing your business through a blog can be a lengthy, yet rewarding process. Take certain precautions to ensure that your blog is headed the right direction and appears professional, in line with your brand, and a constant hub of information.

This article was contributed by Sherry Franklin. Sherry is a tech-savvy college student who spends most her time online. She is also a a part-time writer at Superior Papers.