Your hotel is a bustling hive of activity–business people scurrying off to their next big meeting, lovey-dovey couples cooing and hand-holding, while their horse-drawn carriage awaits, and happy families venturing out for yet another day of adventure in the big city.

So many faces. So many names. Surely, no one expects a lodging as big as yours to know each one of these guests personally. Or do they?

The fact is that each of your customers is a V.I.P. in their own right. They, after all, have chosen your hotel as the setting from which to conduct their important business meetings, romance their significant others, and build treasured family memories.

And, they also have the power to motivate others to either embrace your brand or run the other way, screaming.

So, while you may not roll out the red carpet for every new arrival, you can–and should–make each and every guest feel valued.

What is GuestDriven?

GuestDriven is a Canadian start-up company that provides hotels with a platform that enables them to communicate with guests in real-time throughout their entire stay. Based in Montreal, GuestDriven has already been adopted by 115 hotels in thirty-five cities.

And, thanks to a three million dollar shot in the arm from investors, it is poised to transform the industry–enabling hotels to provide customized client service at a level never before possible.

What does it do?

Imagine being able to anticipate each client’s needs before they even arrive on your premises. Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? Well, thanks to GuestDriven, your staff will be equipped to do exactly that.

The platform is designed to allow you to get to know your client through a variety of features.

• Social Media Profiles. Thanks to your guest’s social media profiles, you will be able to glean not only valuable demographic information, but you will also have access to their interests. Are they an aspiring artist? If so, your hotel can provide them with information on local galleries or great places to set up a canvas. If their Instagram and Facebook accounts boast a sizeable number of photos of their beloved pooch, you can let them know that your property is pet-friendly and offers services tailored to their canine friend’s needs.

• Wish List. Guests are invited to create a Wish List of the attractions and special events that they’d like to check out while they are visiting your town. This insight will enable your concierge and other staff members to assist them with their planning.

• Direct chatting. Yes, you can even dialogue directly with your clientele. They can ask you questions and you can provide them with assistance and offer them customized deals. GuestDriven better equips you to respond to requests quickly and resolve customer service issues one-on-one.

What about marketing?

GuestDriven, as you can clearly see, is a great tool for increasing customer satisfaction, but how can it be used to attract new business?

• Word of mouth. Obviously, these happy customers will want to return to your hotel after enjoying your first class service, but they will also share their experience with others. Yes, your clientele will clamor to sing your praises on social media channels–tapping in to the best free marketing a business can get.

• Customized campaigns. Finally, you will have the inside scoop on which marketing campaigns will appeal to which clients. You can personalize offers based on individual demographics and interests.

• Cohesive image. Your unique GuestDriven mobile interface can be custom-designed to match your hotel’s image and other marketing platforms. Whether you require a clean modern feel, something funky and fun, or a hint of old Victorian charm, GuestDriven will ensure that your interface is congruent with your brand.

• CRM (Customer Relationship Management). The very fact that you can now relate to your customer directly and access their social media date will enable you to better streamline your CRM. With customers booking on platforms like Expedia, it is increasingly difficult for hotels to keep track of their clientele.

By using a platform like GuestDriven, your Customer Relationship Management team will be able to communicate with guests early in the booking process–providing you with an excellent chance to market your services and ensure that the booking sticks.

No longer will your clientele be a mere blur of unnameable faces. Thanks to GuestDriven, the hurried businessperson, romantic duo, and hyperactive family of five will be more than just a name and a credit card number. They’ll be multi-dimensional and unique individuals–and you’ll know how to make each one’s stay their best yet. These are your hotel’s VIPs–and red carpet service does not require a red carpet.

What excites you the most about the potential of platforms like GuestDriven? What concerns you?

Author Bio: This post was contributed by Kimberley Laws, a freelance writer, avid blogger, and social media addict.