A picture is worth a thousand words and memories are a beautiful way to hold on to the very best memories that we have.

The Ritz-Carlton invites digital audiences to explore the world of The Ritz-Carlton through the eyes of fellow travelers, and to relive life’s most inspiring travel journeys.

A leader in luxury hotel social media, The Ritz-Carlton is renowned for leaving an indelible mark on guests’ lives, which evolved further with the launch of the hashtag, #RCMemories in 2013.

The global luxury hotel company began showcasing the other side of the stories by providing a social environment for guests to share their favorite Ritz-Carlton vacation memories.

In the continuing evolution of #RCMemories, there is now an engaging space for consumers to share photos representing their favorite memories with the brand and fellow travelers through Your Memories on ritzcarlton.com.

‘Your Memories’ displays photos of captured moments as they are shared by guests on Twitter and Instagram and tagged with #RCMemories.

Guests may also submit their photos directly through the website to be a part of the memory collection and display.


Travelers share their personal experiences at Ritz-Carlton hotels and resorts for others to see and be inspired by in a dynamic, mosaic-like display of images that is continuously refreshing.

Consumers can also share the photos displayed on the ‘Your Memories’ page on their personal Facebook, Twitter or Sina Weibo pages.

“The Ritz-Carlton brand is positioned on our ability to create memories for our guests. The number one way travelers share their memories is with photos in social media. This brings those two things together by pulling the curtain back on the real live memory making at our hotels,” said Clayton Ruebensaal, vice president, global marketing, The Ritz-Carlton.

Your Memories is a one-of-a-kind space that is populated entirely with user-generated content and allows us to watch memories as they unfold and where travelers can come back again and again to see new memories as they are made. It’s a tribute to memories and travel from The Ritz-Carlton.

Will you share your #RCMemories?