Journey to Extraordinary with Holiday Inn’s First Digital Campaign

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Holiday Inn’s new campaign celebrates the inspiring journeys of guests by sharing their unique narratives through their first digitally-led marketing approach.

IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group) announced the next evolution of its Holiday Inn® brand’s Change Your View platform, Journey to Extraordinary.

This new initiative celebrates the inspiring journeys of Holiday Inn’s guests by inviting them to share their unique stories via the brand’s first digitally-led, multimedia hotel marketing campaign.

This campaign brings the iconic Holiday Inn brand to life in an authentic and tangible way, while reintroducing it and providing a new scope to guests, whether they are checking-in for the very first time or they’re a loyal visitor.

holiday inn journey to extraordinary

“For more than 62 years, the Holiday Inn brand has played a pivotal role in helping to enable the extraordinary journeys of millions of guests who come through our doors,” said Maurice Cooper, vice president, Holiday Inn Brand, Americas.

While they may find themselves traveling different roads in life, there is always a Holiday Inn hotel to meet the needs of our guests and help them move forward on their journey. Each of our guests have a unique connection to the brand and their own story to tell, which the Journey to Extraordinary campaign creatively celebrates, while hopefully inspiring fresh ones along the way.

To leverage Journey to Extraordinary, Holiday Inn has partnered with Tumblr, Nonfiction Unlimited, International New York Times, Mashable, and MBAs Across America (MBAxAmerica) to tell captivating stories that help bring the Journey to Extraordinary campaign to life.

One such story is that of Rick who spends his time across various east-coast states. A new empty-nester, Rick is a pilot, turned construction worker, turned writer. He refers to Holiday Inn as his “home away from home.” Stories such as these certainly add an intimate touch.

New content featuring stories like Rick’s will be rolling out through November 2014, with stories added weekly across the Holiday Inn brand’s various digital platforms including Tumblr, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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