Lake Charles: Raising the Bar for Social Media

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Lake Charles is a tourist destination with new social media marketing techniques to reach wider audience. See how they are raising the bar for social media.

Marketing techniques for virtually any business, company, and/or tourist destination are constantly evolving as customers desire change.

We have moved beyond the days of solely passing out flyers and using giant billboards to get our message across.

To keep up to par with the changing standards of society, many businesses, especially tourist locations, are making use of advances in technology to better market their products and destinations.

Lake Charles in Louisiana is one such location that recently used its resources to put together a video called “My Southwest Louisiana Home” that encapsulates how a visitor will “feel” when he or she visits the area.

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According to an article from Forbes magazine, over 90% of marketing respondents prefer video marketing because videos make use of the human voice, which spreads meaningful content, and the emotions expressed in the video elicit feelings in the viewer.

Lake Charles promotional video did exactly this by making the viewer feel the happiness and joy a visitor would feel if he or she visited this part of Louisiana.

This video pooled from the talents of over 50 people in the community to capture the beauty and spirit of people who live there.

This tourist destination’s marketing techniques don’t stop there; Lake Charles has just recently launched their new, free Lake Charles Historic App which features 30 minute to 1 hour tours, videos, photos, as well as social media sharing capabilities.

Visitors using this app can now share their photos of destination spots with friends and family directly through the app. This app highlights the rich history of the city as well as the carpenter-architects who created Lake Charles’ unique style of architecture.


The app is available in English, French, Spanish, German, and includes closed captioning in English for the hearing challenged.

This app helps Lake Charles entice consumers with the beautiful pictures and informative videos of the nearby areas as well as markets to consumers who are not from the area and do not speak English.

Such a simple addition of making the app bilingual goes a long way in the marketing industry.

Additionally, Lake Charles updated their Creole Nature Trail Tour App in Mandarin, Chinese, and Japanese, bringing it to a whole new realm of visitors. It was already in several languages before but now it is available in six languages.

Recently, there have been new direct flights from China and Japan into nearby airports. In order to capitalize on these new visitors, Lake Charles updated their application with languages Chinese and Japanese people speak so they will be able to have an enjoyable experience when visiting the area.

Being able to watch informative videos about points of interest in a language they actually understand and speak gives foreign visitors all the more reason to come and visit!

Lake Charles is moving their marketing efforts along in terms of technology quite rapidly.

With a new promotional video, an interactive Historic App, and an updated Trail Tour App in multiple languages, Lake Charles has the potential to reach outside of their target market and bring in new consumers to experience the breathtaking beauty of the area.

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