Business is waking up to the fact that the customer must be the center of attention in the world of e-commerce. This is due to the enormous leverage that the customers have thanks to both social media and smart phones.

A customer has no problem switching loyalty to a competitor and shopping can be done anywhere and everywhere. The convenience of mobile devices is permitting this to happen. In order to survive a company needs to concentrate more attention on customer dynamics.

What Is Customer Dynamics?
Customer Dynamics is the activity flow between the customer and the vendor. It is an exchange of information that is intended to help develop a relationship.

The traditional rule of thumb “the customer is always right” is best followed if what the customer wants is better known.

The customer is encouraged to provide as much information as possible, and the vendor follows up by filling the need and addressing any quality concerns.

The resulting rapport builds loyalty in the customer and motivates the vendor to provide even better service.

The dynamics can develop either in the traditional customer/merchant relationship or in B2B transactions.

The optimal result should be a business connection where both sides listen and respond proactively.

Encouraging Feedback
People need to be asked questions and business must encourage them to respond by making it easy to do.

Companies can create brief surveys on websites like ProProfs and send them out to the customer list, which may include Twitter addresses.


It is also possible to have a online survey on the e-commerce website.

ProProfs can help develop a survey that can easily be put onto a page of the website.

The survey should not be lengthy; a customer only has so much time to spend on one.

Quick Solutions/Fast Response Improves the Dynamics
Customers want their problems solved and their questions answered quickly.

Being able to provide quick and effective solutions to problems helps encourage needed communication flow.

An immediate response also helps in developing rapport.

Quick solutions can be generated with the use of big data. Based on information already compiled, solutions for the most common problems can be developed.

Fast response can be as simple as insisting that a low telephone call response time be a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for a call center.

Use Reputation Management Effectively
Reputation management requires responding as soon as possible to any consumer complaint noted on consumer boards such as Yelp.

A personalized follow up with any consumer posting can encourage an individual to also share additional information about quality.

The consumer boards are not something to be afraid of following. It is an opportunity for a company to show the spirit of customer service that generates loyalty.

Boards are also excellent for two way communication.

Cultivating the customer dynamics also has to make use of social media devices and smartphones.

A consumer with a question must be able to access a centralized information point from any media device, whether it be a PC or a smartphone or a tablet.

The access to support must not have a time limit: 24/7 service is going to be extremely important.

Customer Dynamics has some of the flair of the traditional store owner and customer relationship.

The trend is to have more personal communication which is something that is very important in the age of the social media.

Information that is taken from surveys and big data collections will be able to help a company craft a better response to consumers.

Furthermore, the consumer can be encouraged to provide needed information to enable better service.

Although modern technology is being used, customer dynamics moves business away from the impersonal checkout lines to a better form of communication that will promote greater brand loyalty.