In Europe, hotels are rated according to their standard and quality. Star rating systems act like an easy guide through which guests can book reservations in hotels as per their budget, needs, and taste.

While this system in Europe provides great assistance, there is no standardized system for hotel ratings. Hotels in Europe are generally graded on a level from one to five stars, at times using half star increments.

The hotel rating system in Europe is determined by independent organizations, local and government agencies and the system varies from nation to nation and city to city, and even hotels situated in the same city. In plain language, there is no standardized method that decides the star rating of a hotel.

The rating of each hotel is based on the details that barely matter to clients like annual tax paid by a hotel. Even though rating systems seem confusing, still this is advantageous as it provides a lot of information about a hotel.

For example, a five or four star hotel in Europe offers all sorts of modern amenities and luxury at its best.

In America, a one star hotel works like a reasonable motel and a two star will be a bit higher budget hotel. Even some start hotels also provide you all the facilities that you usually need for one-night stay.

However, if you’re hunting down for hotels with services like plush linens, gymnasium, internet access, and the rest, you’ll likely wish to check hotels that are rated three stars or higher than this.

Hotels with the label of three stars are reserved exclusively for the nation’s highest end boutique and chain hotels. Let’s check out some more about European hotel star rating systems.

One-star hotel: As the name suggests, hotels with one star label are usually operated by the owner and very small in terms of infrastructure.

These hotels might have basic facilities like radio, fan, sink, and so onwards. The rooms most likely don’t have a big screen TV or AC.

Two-star hotel: Hotels under this category are generally a part of a chain that provides limited services and consistent quality.

These hotels may have some sort of entertainment facilities like internet access or TV (perhaps with a cable connection) and radio.

The reception area will probably be open round the clock for guests and visitors.

Three-star hotel: Three-star hotels are next in this rating string and usually have decorated foyers and spacious rooms.

These are generally located close to shopping areas, business center or major expressway.

The on-site eateries may be average in size, but will offer dinner, lunch and breakfast.

Small-size fitness center, quality room service and a pool are often available.


Four-Star hotel: Four star hotels in London are large in size and offer top-notch services to their guests.

There will generally be other hotels of the same competence bunched in close proximity.

Whether we talk about entertainment, dining or shopping facilities, hotels with four star rating will barely give you a chance of a nitpick.

Valet parking, spacious physical fitness center, well-furnished rooms, and a concierge are some amenities that are available in four star hotels.

Five-Star hotel: Undoubtedly a plush and luxurious hotel, hotels with a tag of five stars offer its guests with the highest degree of personal services.

Style and grace abound, and rooms are outfitted with Jacuzzi tub, quality furnishings, excellent room service, in-room video, 24/7 internet access, and so forth.

There are multiple eating points on site with high-quality gourmet menus.

Keep in mind this hotel star rating system when selecting a hotel. To know more about the services offered by the hotel you like, make sure you go deep down in the details so you can get the best value for your money.

This post was contributed by Lana Marshall. Lana works for Space Apart Hotel and is a travel writer by profession. She is a lover of world cultures, languages, souls, food, oceans, wild spaces and urban places by nature. You can find her on Google+