Social media isn’t only about selfies and cat videos anymore. The big platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are undergoing changes in attempt to monetize viewership and help businesses do the same.

If these heavy hitters think they can get their hands on a bigger piece of the pie, business owners large and small cannot afford to ignore an industry that generates tens of billions of dollars a year.

Here are new ways social media sites are encouraging businesses to enhance their customer experience, source new customers, and above all, convert traffic and engagement to actual revenue.

Facebook: Build a Rapport

Facebook introduced new customizable, call-to-action buttons on business pages. They are also located next to the “Like” button where new and prospective customers are most likely to click first.

Similar to how your your website needs call to actions, so does your social media presence. Be sure you are utilizing all of the new tools available on your Facebook business page to engage customers with greater ease and show them that you’re on the cutting edge.

While you’re looking at your Facebook page, how often are you posting? And what exactly are you posting?

Updates, news and events specifically pertaining to your business are great but they shouldn’t make up the entirety of your newsfeed.

For instance, a makeup company could share an article about how important it is to remove your makeup before going to sleep each night. Or a boutique hotel could post about local upcoming concerts.

LifeLock does a nice job sharing information that is pertinent to their audience and not strictly content about themselves. The LifeLock Facebook feed is providing value to their audience as opposed to be overtly salesy.

Instagram: Dazzle with Visuals

While advertising on Instagram is still new, it is still a key place to keep in constant contact with customers and remind them why they love your product.

There are a lot of tips surrounding how to market on Instagram. Beachside hotels can share gorgeous sunsets and yummy continental breakfasts. Doggie daycare services can share smiling puppy faces.

Put a photographer with a good eye behind a phone with a decent camera, and watch your followers and revenue climb.

Take note from your competitors for inspiration and to get your competitive juices flowing.

Be sure to have a link in your bio that goes straight to your website and remind followers where they can buy in the text of each post.

YouTube Your Heart Out

YouTube now gets more hits every day than Google. That’s right — Google.

In a world where content is king, video has stolen the crown as the preferred method of doing practically anything these days from a PhotoShop tutorial to adopting a dog.

And with more than 800 million unique visitors clicking on YouTube videos every month, this is an avenue of connecting with customers that you just can’t ignore.

And you don’t have to spend big money on producing exceptionally professional videos. Most newer smartphones are more that equipped with cutting-edge video capabilities.

Invest in some surprisingly affordable stabilization equipment to keep it professional and be sure that you provide a link in the video description that takes viewers to your website where they can buy.

Which ways have you been leveraging the new features of Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.