There’s a lot of competition out there in the restaurant industry today, not only in winning loyal customers but more so in acquiring loyal staff.

Restaurateurs should take heart in inspiring their staff by implementing effective solid training with the right Point-Of-Sale (POS) systems.

Installing POS in your restaurant, cafes, or quick food service doesn’t stop there.

It entails a thorough training that you need to provide to each of your staff in all your store locations.

Your staff needs to perform their best as they display the personality of your store.

They need to manage the day to day constraints effectively and proper training will help you achieve this goal.

pos-training POS FOH and BOH training

POS solutions provide Front-of-House and Back-of-House Interfaces.

Front-of-House (FOH) shows your current day transactions, like ringing sales and employee time changes.

While Back-of-House (BOH) is a multi-functional interface that offers nearly unlimited functionality for your restaurant like adding employees, creating and maintaining labor schedules, adding and categorizing menus, configure events, creating reports and adding promotions.

You will need POS FOH training for your staff and  POS BOH training for your managers.

POS with easy FOH training features

Equip your stores with a Point-of-sale that will make your employees’ lives easier.

NCR Aloha POS solutions are widely used around the world because of its simplicity and ease of use.

Temporary, old and new employees can understand its simple graphic front-of-house interface and order flow.

For example is Mama Fu’s way of maximizing Aloha POS technology in training their staff and applying “practice makes perfect” quote.

Aloha POS FOH feature of updating menu modifiers is a great help.

It guides the staff to quickly remove or add ingredients on menus as requested by the customer.

This not only help the staff navigate the point-of-sale faster but also helps them learn the restaurant’s menu quickly.

Makes the employee’s work easy and the customer happy.


POS BOH Training

Proper training on POS Back-of-House maintenance efficiencies will free up restaurant management to spend even more time with customers and make that brief window of time they spend at your restaurant lasting and worth dining again for.

This is also why T.G.I.Friday’s  implemented back office solutions for efficient inventory and labor management in all of its domestic restaurants to bring its guests’ experience to the next level which is the key component in their Friday’s ambition 2015.

Making true their brand promise of “In Here it’s ALWAYS Friday.”

Let’s dive in on two effective methods of POS back-of-house training that will assist restaurateurs in their passion to carry-out the best customer service.

eLearning Courses

Say goodbye to traditional training and hello to e-learning, one of the many gifts of modern day technology.

You can now provide back office POS training to your managers in a more convenient and less cost manner through elearning or online courses by way of video tutorials.

Here you will be able to access training 24/7 without leaving your store. With its built-in reporting you will be able to track each staff’s performance in real time and create reports.

With online training, you will also be able to provide training the same way across all your stores in different locations by applying same features and same menu programming across all your sites’ POS systems.

This makes for speedy and more effective implementation rollouts.


This is an interactive seminar where trainees can ask questions and get immediate answers by experts in the POS field.

Every week you can can join a webinar at NBO Support where they invite IT experts, Managers, consultants  and Aloha POS back office experts to talk on various POS features like time and attendance, production forecasting, inventory management,  etc.

call-centerOnce logged in at their member’s portal on the date and time set for a week’s webinar,  all trainees may join, listen and take part in the live training.

Before the event,  members will be invited via email to get their attendance.

Each of their webinar is recorded and filed in the archived section of their website so that trainees can always access a particular webinar that they missed anytime.

Continuous and proper training is key to profitable results.

Honing your staff to their best performance will earn your restaurant more customers, more sales thereby giving you more than 100% ROI.

In a restaurant business continuous and proper training is your ally.


Author Bio: Susan Orlain is a Virtual Office Manager at Touchpoint Hospitality Ltd where she manages a team who creates video tutorials in addition to overseeing websites content, social media, and marketing.