Customer payment processing has evolved with the mass integration tablet devices for a variety of in-store functions.

As payment processing progresses, point of sale (POS) is rapidly becoming the preferred checkout manner of many consumers.

With an ability to shorten lines and shrink wait times, these systems place employees anywhere around their establishment.

Technology is shifting how hotels and restaurants interact with guests, too.

These sleek tablets have several added benefits, and also have a few marketing advantages:

  • Managing employees
  • Filtering reports by price, date, or source
  • Showcasing products off the floor
  • Storing product descriptions, SKUs and price points in one place, and updating sync in real-time across all devices
  • Accessing business’s analytics and sales history from anywhere within the store
  • Using multiple currencies and customizing tax settings
  • Downloading sales data into spreadsheets that can be uploaded to booking software
  • Staying up to date with custom and pre-generated reports that update automatically

Check out the infographic created by BluePay below:

Tablet POS Systems